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Payday 2 Getting Free Election Day DLC, Steam Weekend


Hot on he heels of its Death Wish update, Overkill Software is at it again with more fresh, free criminal…

Starbreeze Surged to Profit on Payday 2′s Success


If only every major purchase decision was so clearly labeled… Starbreeze Studios first opened up shop in 1998 and over…

Starbreeze Studios Is Working On A Payday-Style Co-Op Space Shooter

Starbreeze Studios Logo 140x

Payday. In. Spaaaaaaace!

Payday 2 “Charlie Santa Heist” Holiday DLC Out Now

Payday 2 Holiday DLC 140x

Payday 2 players have some new DLC in their stockings this week. The Charlie Santa Heist brings a whole sack…

Point Break: Payday 2 DLC Goes Live Today


UPDATE: The original article stated the DLC is $5 when it is actually $6.99. The error has been corrected. There…

Ready for Your Payday? Overkill Bringing Birthday Surprise Tomorrow


The Payday franchise turns two years old this week, and the devs at Overkill are cracking a safe full of…

Payday 2 Review: Everybody Be Cool, This is a Robbery!


“Nooo!” is the PG-version of the exclamation I’ve used countless times in Payday 2. The crime caper shooter is teeming…

We Suck at Heists: Hands On with Payday 2

Gallery Front thumb

Ross Lincoln and Phil Hornshaw go hands-on with Payday 2 and probably really annoy Overkill Software developers by being the worst teammates ever.

Payday 2 Preview: Overkill Making ‘Dark Souls of Heist Games’

payday 2 2 thumb

Payday 2 is making everything about the first game better, including the things you’ll steal (and keep).

Payday 2 Is Coming For Your Loot


Overkill Software returns to their cult-hit for more crime-heavy action.

First Payday: The Heist DLC Drops For PSN And PC


If this is something you find interesting.

Payday: The Heist Review


“Ever fired your gun up in the air and gone ‘Aaaagh’?” You can now.

Payday: The Heist Gets a New Trailer, Release Date

payday the heist 2 thumb

It’s out next week!

Payday: The Heist Trailer Shows a Daring Jailbreak You Likely Won’t Survive

payday the heist thumb

Sure, you get the guy you’re rescuing to safety, but where the hell do you go with cops swarming a bridge?

Act Out the Best Point Break Scenes in PayDay: The Heist (TRAILER)

payday the heist thumb

“Everybody be cool, this is a robbery!” “Any of you f—ing pigs move, and I’m gonna execute every motherf—ing last one of you!”