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World’s Largest Video Game Collection: 10,607 Games


The largest video game collection in the world is 10,607 games strong. I don’t think I could fit that many…

Pac-Man Stop Motion Chalk Art By Chris Carlson


Chris Carlson is best known for his chalk artwork, which he tends to record as stop-motion videos. We previously featured…

“Art of Video Games” Exhibition Feb-May 2013


80 video games from 20 gaming systems will be featured.

Wil Wheaton Visits the Videogame History Museum (VID)


Can he beat the high score on Asteroids?

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Hates Video Games


Because it wouldn’t be 2011 without someone complaining about them.

If Video Game Characters Had To Find Real Jobs


It isn’t easy bringing home the bacon once the quest is over. We show you how five classic characters pull it off.

OK, Seriously, Grand Theft Auto Did Not Cause The London Riots


Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

Growing Up In Arcades: 1979-1989


Best. Flickr. Stream. Ever.

Pac-Man Game Show? Yes, Please.

pac-man tv show thumb

Merv Griffin Entertainment wants to make an “unscripted” Pac-Man show in the vein of “Wipe Out.” Hoping for people dressed as Pac-Man and the ghosts, slamming face-first into things.

Stick-On Joystick Makes iPad Games a Little Easier

joystick-it thumb

Feeling the need for tactile controls for your touchscreen iDevice? This might help.

Pac-Man Halloween Pig-out


A spooky Pac-Man joke, just in time for the holiday.