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This Salem Trailer Is Creepy


Strap those gold buckles onto your shoes! It’s Puritan time!

Watch The King Arthur II – Gamescom 2011 Trailer (Video)


Yep. It’s Fellowship of the Excalibur.

Pirates of Black Cove Review


Nitro Games piratical romp is a few cannons short of a broadside.

You Can Download Supreme Ruler: Cold War Today (TRAILER)

supreme ruler thumb

See all those flags? Those represent your death.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War Trailer — Perestroika What?


Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!

Hearts of Iron 3 Gets New Patch; No Word From Cardiologist


Defend the Motherland.

Two New Mount & Blade Patches Available For Download


Music to the ears of ampersand-loving PC gamers everywhere!

Hearts of Iron III Improved Stuff, Includes Complex Maps (TRAILER)

hearts of iron 3 thumb

If you ever really wanted to feel like a World War II strategist, now’s your chance. Bring your thinking cap.

Magicka Caverns & Marshlands DLC Trailer (Video)


2 New Magicka challenge maps featured in this one. Also, they’re giving one of them away for free.

Magicka Review


This parody of an action-adventure game is the best excuse for keyboard macros in a game EVER!

Paradox Interactive Games Go 1/2 Off Till July 27th


Paradox Interactive, makers of some of the best strategy games that don’t have Civilization somewhere in the name are offering…

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