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Upcoming Destiny Patch to Fix Oft Criticized Loot System


Next week’s patch for Destiny will make players hate the Cryptarch much less

Fixed? Battlefield 4 PC Patch Addresses Crashes, Stability


For the first time in weeks, I’m planning to play Battlefield 4 today. That’s because this morning DICE released a…

DICE: Battlefield 4 Xbox One Patch This Week, Next PS4, PC Updates Tomorrow


Even by DICE and EA’s historically rocky launch standards, it’s been a rough one for Battlefield 4, especially on Xbox…

Game Front’s Quick Guide to WoW Patch 5.4


The last major content patch before the next expansion brings alot to keep players busy.

New WoW PTR Patch 5.3 Battle Pets from Burning Crusade Raids


Gotta catch ‘em—ok, you get the idea by now.

WoW Patch 5.3 PTR Notes Released, New Content and PvP Gear Overhaul Inc


New scenarios, new PvP content, the return of PvE gear upgrades and more are on deck.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.2 Guide: Mounts, Valor Gear & Buying The Farm


Wherein we answer your burning questions about WoW Patch 5.2 such as “y u no dino mount?”

Prepping for World of Warcraft’s Patch 5.2

WoW Patch 5.2

Tips to get you ahead of the massive Isle of Thunder content update.

SWTOR Patch 1.7 Launches Tomorrow, Gets Trailer and Dev Diary


Because who doesn’t love rep grinds?

LotRO 2013 Game Plan Includes Long-Awaited Helm’s Deep


Who’s ready to get their dwarf tossing on?

WoW PvP Getting an Overhaul, Players Flip a Table


New gear will be easier to obtain, veteran players will continue to complain about change.

SWTOR Patch 1.7 Return of the Gree Announced


New content coming for level 50 players.

WoW Patch 5.2 Gets A Sneak Peek Trailer

wow patch 5-2 armored dinosaur thumb

Dinosaur mounts were on your bucket list, right?

World of Warcraft: 5.1 Battle Pets Guide

WoW Pandaren Fire Spirit thumb-1

Why, yes, that is a lot of cats.

WoW Patch 5.2 Is the New Patch 2.4 Plus Dinomancers (!)


What more could you ask for?

LotRO’s Update 9 Launches with Hobbit-themed Goodness


All roads lead to Benedict Cumberbatch, uh, I mean Smaug.

RIFT Patch 2.1 Launches, F2P This Weekend, Staff Cut…Wait, What?


Plus bonus holiday cheer…if you’re not a pink-slipped dev.

SWTOR Update 1.6 Is Live With New PvP and Space Mission Goodness


More end game content to tide you over during the holidays.

World of Warcraft Patch 5.1 Confirmed For Tomorrow


The first rule of 5.1 is that you don’t talk about 5.1.

Borderlands Patch 1.41 Released


The latest Borderlands patch is live, and we’ve got all the details, and the fast, easy download.

The Sims 3 Patches

The Sims 3 v. 1.7.9 to v. 1.8.25 US Patch The Sims 3 v. 1.7.9 to v. 1.8.25 Worldwide…

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 and Football Manager 2009 Patches

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 v9.3.1 Patch The Worldwide Soccer Manager match engine is being brought into full 3D with…

FIFA Manager 10 v2.0.0.4 Patch

FIFA Manager 10 v2.0.0.4 Patch FIFA Manager 10 will give players the opportunity to find out who really is…

History Channel Great Battles Medieval v1.01 Patch

History Channel Great Battles Medieval v1.01 Patch History: Great Battles Medieval is a strategy game set against the background…

Venetica Patch v1.02 Multi-Language Patch

Venetica Patch v1.02 Multi-Language This will update Venetica to v1.02. Supports languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Need for Speed SHIFT Patch v1.02

Need for Speed SHIFT Patch v1.02 This patch adds two new features: LAN (Local Area Network) play, enhancing the…

Combat Arms Trailer, Empire of Steel Demo, and Empires in Arms Patch

Empire of Steel Demo v1.0.556e An updated Demo for Empire of Steel that contains two maps from the strategy…

Football Manager, Majesty 2 and ARMA 2 Patches

Football Manager 2010 Patch v10.1.1 PC Digital The first patch for Football Manager is available and has various updates…

Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes Trailer and Machinarium Patch

Machinarium Patch 2 Machinarium is a point & click adventure where game‘s protagonist is a little robot who has…

The Sims 3 World Adventures 2.0.86 to 2.2.8 US Retail Patches

This patch updates The Sims 3 World Adventures to v. 2.2.8, and includes a fix for save file incompatibilities that…

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