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PlanetSide 2 Aiming to Be a Great Shooter First

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Sony Online Entertainment is aiming high with the return of its storied shooter MMO.

Is “Clarification” DLC Enough for ME3? Forum Poll Says No



TERA ‘Argons’ Screenshots Are Appropriately Villainous

Argons (7)thumb

Evil magical enemies, inside!

SWTOR Dev: Groupfinder Is Priority 1; Cross-Server Warzones May Follow


James Ohlen discusses post-1.2 plans.

SWTOR’s Ohlen: Achievements ‘On the Way’

old republic gunslinger thumb

We don’t know when, but James Ohlen says “definitely this year.” Hooray!

SWTOR Interview: Achievements, UI Mods, Cross-Server


You may or may not like what you read…

PAX East: Neverwinter Screenshots Have Infinite Charisma, Hitpoints


Click inside for a close look at the upcoming D&D MMORPG, and revel in the medieval fun.

Epic Working on PC-Exclusive Game


Please be Unreal Tournament…

BioWare’s PAX East Panel: Ignoring the Elephant in the Room


BE WARNED THERE ARE SPOILERS FOR MASS EFFECT 1-3 IN THIS POST The cosplayers were the initial stars of the…

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview: Channeling the Aliens Films


We’re returning to the Sulaco. Get ready for the express elevator to hell.

The Secret World Preview: Building a Better MMO


Secret World’s unique character progression system sets it apart.

PAX East Day 1: In Pictures


Check out the sights of Game Front’s first day at PAX East!

ME3 PAX Panel: BioWare Offers Few Details, Lots of Speculation


At the BioWare Mass Effect 3 panel earlier this afternoon at PAX East, a team of BioWare’s best and brighest…

Assassin’s Creed III Screenshots Leaked at PAX East 2012 (SCREENSHOTS)

AC3_PAX-Still_02 thumb

Take a look at some shots from the convention demo.

People Are Getting FarCry Tattoos at PAX East (PIC)


Of the permanent variety.

PAX East: Mass Effect 3 Panel Line is Long Indeed (PIC)


The line goes ever on…

“Project RPG” Revealed, Helmed by Former Witcher 2 Dev


Action-RPG set for a 2013 release.

R.A. Salvatore Likes Kingdoms of Amalur, but Hates the Names

kingdoms of amalur thumb

But overall, he really really likes it.

Build a PC Rig at PAX East, and Take it Home?!


One rig to rule them all.

Torchlight 2 Release Date: “Optimistically” One Month After Diablo 3


Max Schaefer doesn’t want to dance with the devil.

Marriage Proposal Totally Happened During Penny Arcade Q&A (PIC)


Will you be my co-op partner for life?

Max Payne Coming to iOS April 12, Android April 26


Bring the payne.

Free Mass Effect 3 “Resurgence” Multiplayer DLC Coming April 10


It will be free to download!

Cryptic Drops New Trailer for MMO Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter (TRAILER)

neverwinter thumb

More stuff on Cryptic’s free-to-play title at PAX East 2012.

Twitch TV is Live-Streaming a Bunch of PAX East Panels this Weekend


It’ll be like you’re really there. Minus the stench of nerds and Cheetos.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Release Date Revealed, Preorder Now (VIDEO)


Get instant beta access by pre-ordering.

CIV 5: Gods and Kings Release Date Revealed: June 2012


NA gets it three days before EU.

Game Front has Landed at PAX (PIC)


Here’s photographic evidence.

Paradox Releases New War of the Roses, Shadow Effect Videos


Gritty medieval or campy 80′s? We’ve got both.

Dark Blood Action RPG coming Summer 2012


Fresh from Korea.

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