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The Cosplayers of PAX 2013

Cosplay at PAX 2013 14_140x

It’s tough getting photos of all the cosplayers at a given convention, especially at a fan-minded festival like PAX East….

Insomniac’s Ted Price Talks Fuse, Co-op, and New Platforms


Insomniac’s CEO talks about co-op, platforms, and more.

Dead Island: Riptide Multiplayer Preview: Curbstomping Zombies is Back


Deep Silver’s zombie island is populated with some new offerings.

Secret Ponchos Hands-On Preview: The Secret Is Shooting. A Lot.


Hands-on with a new top-down shooter that needs to come to PC.

Cryptic CEO Talks Neverwinter, MMOs, and More


Cryptic’s Jack Emmert gives us the inside scoop on Neverwinter.

Outlast PAX East Hands-On: Jumping Right Out of the Booth


Red Barrels delivers the scariest game of PAX East.

The Watch_Dogs PAX East Demo: Long Lines, Low Information


Ubisoft is keeping their cards close to the vest on their newest open-world title.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Impressions: Bloody Chaos


Sam Fisher is back, and he’s bringing a bunch of Chaos Theory mechanics with him.

Rise Of The Triad Multiplayer Hands-On: Old School, New Look


Interceptor Entertainment brings back the old school shooter.

Find All Of Game Front’s PAX East Coverage Here


Conveniently aggregated for your convenience.

Metro: Last Light Hands-On Preview: Into the Darkness Again


Delve into the subways of Moscow once again!

Dishonored ‘Knife of Dunwall’ DLC Hands-On Preview: In Daud’s Shoes


Step into the shoes of Dunwall’s most famous assassin.

Hearthstone Hands-On Preview: Blizzard Deals a New Hand

hearthstone 6 thumb

Blizzard’s stepping out of their comfort zone with a new digital collectible card game.

Saints Row 4 PAX East Preview: El Fugitivo Lives!


Dubstep gun. There’s a dubstep gun.

Creative Labs Z Series Soundcards: Striving for Perfection


Creative Labs unveils new sound cards to take on Asus.

Plantronics Pushes Mobile Gaming Audio with BackBeat GO


Plantronics has a new set of wireless headphones that’ll compliment your PS Vita.

PAX East: Cooler Master and the New Keyboard Duo


Amongst a sea of CM Storm HAF and Scout cases, Cooler Master has two new keyboards at PAX that will…

EVE Online Announces 19th Expansion: Odyssey


Going where no man has gone before…unless your name is Homer.

Civilization V: Brave New World Expansion Dated for Summer


Civilization V is set to receive a new expansion pack, titled Brave New World, which revamps the game’s cultural and…

Capcom Bringing Back Classic Dungeons & Dragons Titles


New house rule system!

PAX East: MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Mobo Coming in April


MSI’s latest gaming motherboard is a crowd-pleaser.

Foot-On with the Stelulu Stinky Footboard


It may have a silly name, but we found it fancy.

Paragon Over Renegade: Mass Effect 3 Infographic Details Habits


More players chose to play as good guys rather than bad guys.

Dust: An Elysian Tale Is Coming To Steam


Dust: An Elysian Tale is coming to the PC via Steam.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Preview: Pirates, Sailing & Plunder


In other words, precisely what we expected.

Skullcandy Teams with Codemasters, EA for Branded SLYR Gear

skullcandy thumb

Skullcandy’s second-tier headsets are getting the EA treatment.

Warframe Enters Open Beta, Join Up For Free


Warframe is now open to the public.

Sanctum 2 Trailer Gets Locked and Loaded


Sanctum 2 is an FPS/Tower Defense hybrid.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Reintroduces Tower Defense Co-Op


If you were worried that Dungeon Defenders 2 would be going full MOBA, don’t fret. The original’s tower defense mode is making a return.

This is what PAX East 2013 Looks Like


Pax, in all its multitudinous glory.

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