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Buy Turtle Beach Gear At PAX East, Get More Free Gear Back

turtle beach thumb

Turtle Beach is pushing new stuff by giving away free stuff.

Diablo 3 for Consoles Gets Its Own Trailer


In-game footage of the Diablo 3 PlayStation port.

Hands-On with the Corsair Vengeance K70


We get our hands on Corsair’s latest gaming keyboard.

Logitech’s G Series Revamp: Sleek, Reasonably Priced


The peripherals colossus showed off their latest, and we were on the scene.

Battle For Caldari Prime Rages Between EVE Online and Dust 514


CCP is giving PAX East attendees the chance to shape EVE Online and Dust 514 history.

Forget Desmond — The Main Character of Assassin’s Creed 4 is You

assassin's creed 4 whale thumb

You’re an employee at Abstergo, but we don’t know much more than that.

Nvidia’s Project Shield Gets Android Focus At PAX East


The PAX demo focused on Android games.

Blizzard Presents Hearthstone, A Collectible Card Game


It’s like Warcraft, but with cards.

Game Front is Heading to PAX East 2013


We’re heading to PAX East, and we’re bringing you coverage to prove it.

Blizzard Teases “Something Different” for PAX East Reveal


What could Blizzard be bringing to PAX East?

PAX East 2013 Badges Now on Sale


Get yours while you still can.

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