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Guns Of Icarus Online Doesn’t Fly Too Close To The Sun


It’s fun, challenging, and bad for people with fat fingers.

Sacred 3 Preview: So Much of the Same

sacred 3 featured

Because tenure?

Gears of War: Judgement – Is Free For All a Good Call?


My PAX Prime hands-on made me think twice about the always-solid Gears multiplayer experience.

Defiance: An Experiment Doomed To Fail?


We liked it, but we’re skeptical.

Card Hunter Preview: Hardcore Nerdage With No Physical Evidence

card hunter featured

Free-to-play, too!

Borderlands 2 Preview: Mega-Bosses and the Mechromancer


Not that you need me to tell you this looks great.

Insomniac’s Next New Game Is Called Fuse


We don’t know what that is, however.

Female Characters Coming Colonial Marines’ Multiplayer, Co-Op

colonial marines 3 thumb

It takes a petition for Gearbox to realize it should put female characters in a game set in a franchise that’s about female characters.

Guacamelee: As Good As A Taco Truck And Twice As Badass


We loved it.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Details Emerge at PAX

ground zeroes

Someone was hiding under a cardboard box and filming presentations…

Miss PAX Prime? Check It Out In Pictures

pax prime 2012 thumb

Cosplay, booths and more.

343 Shows Off New Halo 4 Map, Exile, at PAX Prime

halo 4 exile thumb

There’s also a new behind-the-scenes vidoc to watch.

Dead Island Riptide Preview: A Cleansing Bloodbath

dead island riptide featured

Can Deep Silver wash away the flaws of the original Dead Island?

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Trailer Reveals Male Miquote and New Limit Breaks


Want to play the male Miquote? They’re looking for testers.

We Played Colonial Marines ‘Escape Mode’ And Lost Badly


On the ground at PAX Prime, we sucked at killing Aliens.

Firefall Preview: The Mystery of Monetization Revealed


This beta be good…

Dishonored Dev: ‘Gamer Fatigue’ Setting In


He’s right.

BitFlip is Taking Minion Master to the Penny Aracde Expo!

minion masters

It’s a collectible card game you don’t have to shuffle!

PSA: Free Penny Arcade Adventures 3 DLC Coming At PAX


This is true.