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Former AC Dev: Adding Females Would Take ‘A Day or Two’


UPDATE: Ubisoft has issued a statement to Kotaku Australia in response to the controversy. The statement does not address the…

Alien: Isolation Ratchets Up the Tension With Challenge Mode


Alien: Isolation is playable at E3 2014, but it’s not the same lengthy demo that journalists were shown during E3…

Final Fantasy XIV Adding Same-Sex Marriage


Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving new content in the near future, including same sex…

Alien: Isolation E3 Gameplay Trailer: Run & Hide to Survive


The Alien: Isolation E3 trailer shows off the best tools Amanda Ripley has at her disposal: running and hiding. As…

Take a Walking Tour of the E3 Show Floor With James


If you’ve ever wondered what the show floor at E3 is like, our very own James Heaney is here to…

Postal 2 is Getting New DLC – Yeah, THAT Postal 2


Eleven-year old PC title Postal 2 is getting a brand new DLC release titled Paradise Lost, developer Running With Scissors…

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Show Its Artistic Side (Gallery)


The latest screenshots of

Far Cry 4 E3 Screens Feature Characters and a Monkey


Yesterday’s Far Cry 4 reveals showed a glimpse at gameplay and cinematics, and the screenshots Ubisoft released give us a…

Armored Warfare E3 Trailer Shows Off Player Roles and Combat


The E3 trailer for Armored Warfare shows off the new vehicle-based multiplayer game from Obsidian Entertainment. Armored Warfare will put…

Yager Reveals Dreadnought in Fighter-Crushing E3 Trailer


Yager isn’t just announcing Dead Island 2 at this year’s E3 – they’ve got an “aerial armada combat game” called…

DOOM Trailer Teases QuakeCon Reveal with a Cyberdemon


In the very first trailer for the new DOOM, id isn’t showing off much outside of a gigantic, highly detailed…

Alien: Isolation Preview: Not So Alone After All


Here’s what you want to know: Yes, there are human enemies in Alien: Isolation. Yes, they are armed. No, they…

Enemy Front Cheats


Go behind enemy lines and loot GameFront for intel on this next-gen WW2 FPS.

GameFront E3 PreGAME Podcast – Preparing for E3


GameFront is on the ground at E3, and in our first E3 preGAME Podcast, we’re getting ready for the event….

Grand Theft Auto V Announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Uncharted 4

Grand Theft Auto V is heading to PC, PS4 4 and Xbox One this fall. The new versions were confirmed…

Hotline Miami 2 to Include a Level Editor


If you can’t get enough Hotline Miami, Dennaton Games has some good news for you: Hotline Miami 2 will ship…

Ubisoft Presser Shows First 5 Minutes of Far Cry 4, New Rainbow Six


We’re three press conferences down on Zero Day of E3 2014, with Ubisoft announcing a new Rainbow Six title (it’s…

Ubisoft Announces Rainbow Six Siege


Ubisoft has unveiled the latest game in the Rainbow Six franchise – Rainbow Six Siege. It’s been six years since…

Goat Simulator: How to Become Slender Goat


Slender Man’s back, in Goat form!

20 New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots From E3 (Gallery)


Along with a new trailer, Bioware has released 20 new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Want to keep up with…

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Announced at E3 (TRAILER)


Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris was revealed at E3 today by Square Enix. There’s a sequel to Lara…

Battlefield: Hardline E3 Trailer: Insane Cops vs. Robbers


Onstage at EA’s E3 press conference, DICE showed off six and a half minutes of gameplay from the newest entry…

Mirror’s Edge 2 Team Working With Real Parkour Artists to Gameplay


Electronic Art has given players an early glimpse into the development of Mirror’s Edge 2. The game, which was showcased…

Dragon Age: Inquisition Official E3 2014 Trailer


In the third chapter of Dragon Age, the world is in chaos and the Inquisition has been called. In this…

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare E3 Trailer: Explosive Set Pieces


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare showed off a gameplay demo at MIcrosoft’s E3 presser today, featuring nearly 10 minutes of…

Multiplatform Titanfall 2 is “in the Planning Stages” (RUMOR)


A source has told The Wall Street Journal that Titanfall 2 is real, and is in the “planning stages.” One…

GF Podcast 30 With Wildstar Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney


We hang out with Jeremy Gaffney to discuss the launch of Wildstar, then we cover all kinds of stuff, like E3, Steam’s Early Access, a bunch of new games and more.

Among The Sleep Review: Childhood Nightmares

among the sleep review thumb

Among The Sleep’s premise, presentation and art style create a memorable world and deliver a story in an intriguing way, although the game fails to fully explore its scary possibilities.

Goat Simulator: Patch 1.1 – Neckbeard Achievement Guide


Become a basement-dwelling drain on society with this Goat Sim achievement.

Goat Simulator: Roller Coaster Upgrade – 6 Batteries Locations


Supercharge the Roller Coaster and fly through the sky with these six battery locations.

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