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Sony Says ‘No’ to EA Access on PS4; Wouldn’t Be a ‘Good Value’


Sony deals a blow to Electronic Arts’ newly announced EA Access subscription program, and won’t be allowing it on Playstation 4.

EA Announces Subscription Service for Xbox One Games

ea access thumb

EA wants you to subscribe to a downloadable service for Xbox One that will give you early access to its titles.

Xbox One Launch Lineup Preview: Potential, Little Substance


After sampling the Xbox One’s launch lineup, there are a few standout titles to be excited about, but in typical launch fashion, this one is best enjoyed by super-fans and early adopters.

Xbox One Launch Lineup Boasts 23 Games


Microsoft has an impressive line-up of first- and third-party titles for its Xbox One launch.

EA Acquiring PopCap, Internet Collectively Sighs in Defeat

plants vs zombies

Say goodbye to Steam achievements for PopCap games.

PopCap Launches Third Installment Of Weekly Charity Auctions


This is a really good chance to get some really good stuff for a really good cause.

Lots of Sales on Xbox Live This Month

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A whole bunch of titles are 50 percent off, including stuff from Capcom and Sega.

11 PSN Games Are Half-Off This Week

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The Playstation Network is featuring some downloadable titles on sale until the end of January.

Peggle Now Invading Apple – No Mac Safe

According to the latest article on GamerDad’s site, the strangely addictive casual title from PopCap, Peggle will now be available…