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Scourge Warlock Class Coming To Neverwinter


The upcoming fourth module for Neverwinter Online, “Tyranny of Dragons” will include a new class, the Scourge Warlock. The Scourge…

Star Trek Online Turns Four, Celebrates 3.2M Captains


More than 3.2 million captains are boldly going where no one has gone before. Star Trek Online is celebrating four…

Perfect World Wants to Bring its MMOs to Next Gen Consoles


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and The Elder Scrolls Online will bring MMORPGs to next-gen consoles in 2014, and…

Neverwinter Review: Hefting The Axe


Neverwinter hits orcs in the face with axes. Can It maintain interest through that alone?

RaiderZ Beta Impressions: The First Few Hours

raiderz_screen_060112_01 thumb

After messing around in RaiderZ closed beta for the first few hours, I’m pretty positive on its active combat and crafting.

Neverwinter Developers Working to Be True to Stories

neverwinter 2 thumb

There’s a lot of lore surrounding Neverwinter, and you can expect Perfect World’s MMO to respect it.

Steam Gets Free-to-Play Blacklight: Retribution, Plus Half-Off Sale

blacklight thumb

Play for free, yaaaay.

Perfect World’s RaiderZ Adds Great Ideas to Action-MMO Formula

raiderz_screen_060112_03 thumb

You’ll be grabbing enemies’ weapons and switching your class and weapons on the fly.

PSA: Get Into Neverwinter Beta By Pre-Ordering Torchlight 2


And a lot of D&D was played on that day.

Forsaken World’s Storms of War Expansion Includes Lots of Monsters to Magic (TRAILER)

forsaken world thumb

New enemies to kill!

War of the Immortals – Announcement Trailer


I wish all wars had announcement trailers, don’t you?

Surprise Flamethrower! Blacklight Retribution Dev Diary Shows You How



See What Playing Through a Rusty Hearts Dungeon is Like (VIDEO)

rusty hearts thumb

By this point, we’ve seen lots in the way of Rusty Hearts from behind the scenes. Now, finally, we’ve got…

Learn “How to Cook a Mech” in this Blacklight Retribution Trailer


Coming Spring 2012 to The Food Network.

Sign Up For Free-to-Play Shooter Blacklight Retribution’s Beta, Trailer Says

blacklight thumb

You may need to beg to get in.

Jade Dynasty Gets New Expansion, Path of Glory (TRAILER)

jade dynasty path of glory thumb

More free-to-play MMO-ness to explore.

Rusty Hearts Dev Explains That There Will be Lots of Bosses (TRAILER)

rusty hearts thumb

Even hidden ones in dungeons.

Rusty Hearts Devs Want Players to Feel Like They’re ‘Part of This Living Comic’ (TRAILER)

rusty hearts thumb

Hear about the upcoming PC online hack’n'slash brawler’s visual inspirations.

Forsaken World: Chains of Kluer Trailer (Video)


Thrill to the declining hitpoints!

Battle of the Immortals: Titan Content Update Trailer


If this game were more realistic, the Battle of the Immortals would end in a tie.

Perfect World Entertainment Announces Legend of Martial Arts Beta


MMORPG based on Chinese TV show goes into public testing soon.