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Pillars of Eternity Delayed to Early 2015


Obsidian’s Kickstarter-funded RPG, Pillars of Eternity, won’t make its late 2014 release date. In a post on the Pillars of…

Pillars of Eternity’s Backer Beta Date Confirmed


Pillars of Eternity was one of the major Kickstarter successes of 2012, asking for the sum of $1.1 million, but…

Obsidian and Paradox Announce New Pillars of Eternity Partnership


Obsidian and Paradox will cooperate to release Pillars of Eternity. According to a press release, the new partnership will see…

Companion Stories Have Multiple Endings in Pillars of Eternity


Choice and consequence is an element the folks at Obsidian describe as a core feature of Pillars of Eternity, and…

Pillars of Eternity Release Date Narrowed Down


We already knew that Pillars of Eternity wouldn’t make its original spring 2014 launch window, but the official ship date…

Pillars of Eternity Character Sheet is RPG Stats Gold


Full disclosure: I am not objective about this. I’m a backer and I’m unabashedly giddy over Obsidian’s Kickstarted old-school RPG,…

Still Going: Kickstarter Game Projects Generated $106 M in 2013


In 2012, Kickstarter became a game-funding phenom, with industry icons Tim Schafer, Chris Roberts, and Brian Fargo leading the way…

(Project) Pillars of Eternity Unveiled with Gameplay Trailer


Obsidian Entertainment’s Kickstarted homage to old-school RPGs, Project Eternity, appears to be right on track for its projected April 2014…

Project Eternity Could Become a Series, Says Obsidian Entertainment


The developers of Project Eternity want the first game to be successful enough to spawn sequels.

Project Eternity to Recapture “Infinity Engine Feel”


Josh Sawyer and the team at Obsidian intend to recapture the feel of the Infinity Engine with Project Eternity.

Project Eternity Crowdfunded with $4.3M; New “Slacker Backer” Option


That’s a mildly offensive name…

Chris Avellone on Project Eternity: “It Doesn’t Matter if It’s a Flop. It’s Already Paid for.”


You can’t keep a good dog down.

Obsidian’s Chris Avellone Talks Writing for Games

kotor 2 4 thumb

The team over at Koobismo interviewed a guy known for writing (and other things) in games.

Avellone: “I’m Worried About Kickstarter Exhaustion.”

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It’s not what you’re thinking though!

Project Eternity Kickstarter Breaks Record for Most Funded

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People really love Obsidian.

Lots Of New Project Eternity Plans Detailed

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So make a note.

PSA: Project Eternity Team Doing Live Chat Later Today

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Head over to PC Gamer to participate.

Project Eternity Will Feature Mod Support

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Publishers: Stay the Hell Away from Kickstarter

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If publishers start taking advantage of players’ willingness to fund games, Kickstarter is doomed.

A Ton of Project Eternity Details Spills Out

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And we’ve collected a few of them.

Obsidian: Publishers Are Trying to Abuse Kickstarter

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Sounds awful slimy and shady.

Project Eternity Coming to GOG, To The Moon Price Slashed Today

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Yay, things without DRM!

Project Eternity Hits First Kickstarter Strech Goal, Adds New Race

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Extra stuff is getting added, guys. Second stretch goal approaching.

Obsidian Kickstarter Raised $1 Million In 24 Hours


So it’s going to happen.

Obsidian Unveils ‘Project Eternity’ On Kickstarter


Would you fund another fantasy RPG? I might!