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Sony Blames Griefers For Lack of PSN Name Change Option


Sony has offered up an explanation as to why PlayStation Network users aren’t able to change their user names. Speaking…

Welcome to Silent Hill: 15 Years Later, It’s Worth Revisiting

silent hill horrorscope thumb copy

Upon revisiting Silent Hill, it might be ugly, but it’s still a pretty brilliant horror game.

DDOS Attack Takes Down PSN Prior to Scheduled Maintenance


PSN was down this Sunday morning thanks to an alleged DDOS attack on their servers. Claiming responsibility for the attack…

Minecraft PS3 Retail Edition Arrives May 16th


Following its success in the Playstation Store, a retail version of Minecraft is expected next month. With around 35 million…

PSA: PSN 7-Hour Maintenance Downtime Tomorrow


Log in now so that you can still play online tomorrow.

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Impressions

god of war ascension multi 2 thumb

After spending lots of time with the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta, I’m thinking this could work.

RAGE DLC ‘The Scorchers’ Coming Tomorrow

rage the scorchers thumb

A year later, RAGE gets new DLC, plus additional tweaks to the title.

Worms: Revolution Funfair Pack DLC Out Tomorrow

worms revolution thumb

If you’re into this.

Class Action Suit Against Sony Mortally Wounded


And this is probably the correct outcome.

Former Ubisoft Devs Form New Studio


First up, a horror game.

Scarlett to Stab You in the Back in Borderlands 2 DLC (TRAILER)

borderlands 2 captain scarlet 1 thumb

At least she’s up front about it.

PSN Store Makeover Revealed


Ho hum. I mean, exciting!

PSA: Walking Dead Ep. 4 on PSN Today; Steam, Xbox Wednesday

walking dead ep 4 thumb

Have to wait just a little while longer.

The Walking Dead Episode 4 Trailer Shambles Onto The Web



GTA III Finally Comes To PSN


This only took about 6 years too long.

Terraria Coming To XBLA and PSN


And this is awesome.

And Now, A New Realms of Ancient War Trailer


It’s wizardy.

Realms of Ancient War Release Date Announced


And it’s soon.

Battlefield 3 ‘Armored Kill’ DLC Hits PS3 Today

battlefield 3 flying thumb

If you’re a Battlefield Premium subscriber, that is.

Guacamelee: As Good As A Taco Truck And Twice As Badass


We loved it.

Modern Warfare 3 Content Pack 4 Brings Five (Final) New Maps

modern warfare 3 parish thumb

It’s the last batch.

First Payday: The Heist DLC Drops For PSN And PC


If this is something you find interesting.

PSA: PS+ Members To Get Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2 Free


It’s a good thing I already paid for theHEY NO FAIR!

Hines: ‘We Have Not Announced Dawnguard for Any Other Platforms’

VampiricGrip thumb

Bad news if you’ve been waiting patiently for Dawnguard.

Seattle Indies Expo Is This Sunday: Enjoy The Trailer


This looks like a great way to spend a Sunday.

DC Universe Online Shows ‘Free to Play is Huge’ on PS3

dcou pvp thumb

The game also shows that MMOs are viable on consoles.

Uncharted 3 Patch 1.13 Brings Lots of Fixes, New Music

airport hanger drake thumb

Here’s a big load of changes coming to multiplayer, with more on the way.

Realms Of Ancient War Due September, New Trailer Released


Hack and slash and blooooooom.

Side-Scrolling Puzzler Pid is This Year’s LIMBO

Pid_Screenshot_attic_3 thumb

Another great 2-D puzzle-platformer is on the horizon.

PSA: PSN Store Shutting Down In Korea Indefinitely


They need to comply with local law.

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