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Sony Giving Away Free Games for PSN Outage

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LittleBigPlanet and inFAMOUS are among the offerings, along with 30 days of Playstation Plus for free.

Evidence Surfaces Suggesting Usage of Amazon Cloud During PSN Hack


Fortunately this doesn’t affect the fact that the PlayStation Network is back.

‘Pretend’ to Be Batman in a Video Game, Just Like Real Life

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It’s called Gotham City Impostors, and it’s a first-person shooter from F.E.A.R. developer Monolith.

PSN is F–king Back!!!!



Back to the Future Episode 5 Not Coming Until June

bttf ep 4 thumb

We should be getting some news about the game in the meantime, though.

Thoughts On New Mass Effect 3 Details(SPOILERS!)

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There will be spoilers in this post. Please don’t click if you don’t enjoy me not caring about people whining that we spoiled these details.

Giant Modern Warfare 3 Leak Spoils Setting, Gameplay and Story


Spoiler alert: It involves war in a modern setting.

Rumor: PSN Back Up For Game Developers


Does that mean it’ll be coming back for the rest of us soon?

Every Day is the Battle of Endor in Star Raiders (TRAILER)

star raiders thumb

Fly around blasting stuff in Atari’s arcade reboot.

Sony Posts PSN Restoration Timeline Update; Timeline Not Included


There’s absolutely nothing substantial in this news.

Threatened Sony Hack #3 Fails To Materialize


Your compromised data remains as safe as it was on Friday.

MX vs. ATV: Alive Launch Trailer


Gird your loins for ATV versus Motorbike action.

Sony To Unveil New Online Service, ‘PlayStation Network’, One Week Before E3


Ha-haw, but seriously the beleaguered company is apparently planning to restore PSN services on May 31.

Batten Down The Hatches Sony! Hack Attack #3 Planned For This Weekend!


This time they’re gonna hack the Gibson!

PSN Hack Plot Thickens; Anonymous Veterans Allege Collective’s Involvement


But it’s more complicated than it sounds. And I’m not just saying that because Sony still hasn’t fixed PSN.

From Dust Developer Diary 2 (Video)


It’s what Minecraft would look like on a AAA budget.

Sony Offers Free ID Theft Protection to PSN Users

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Get your identity somewhat protected with Sony’s free offering.

RUMOR: ActiVision To Announce Call of Duty: Online.


This is probably exciting for WoWsters who crave a more modern warfare experience. Get it? GET IT?

Anonymous Categorically Denies Involvement In PSN Data Breach Hack


Those crafty devils are playing right into Sony’s hands! BWAHAHAHA.

Dead Block Looks Like ‘Home Alone’ With Zombies (TRAILER)

dead block thumb

Kill zombies with traps and hammers.

Moon Diver Slashes Through Tons of Enemies on PSN and XBLA on March 29 (TRAILER)

moon diver thumb

Four-player action-platforming co-op? Looks good to me.

Sony Claims ‘Anonymous’ Link To PSN Hack As Congress Blasts Them For Blowing Off Hearing


Sony is really, really bad at this whole PR thing.

Outland Review

outland thumb

Nailing its platforming elements and working in a great color-switching mechanic, Outland provides a lot of value. It’d be nice if you could play co-op, though.

Download the Red Faction: Armageddon Demo, Unlock Deadly Unicorn Farts

red faction mr toots thumb

The demo is available for console players starting today. Sorry, PC Red Faction fans.

Bethesda Announces Three More DLC Packs for Fallout: New Vegas

fallout thumb

We’ve got all the fallout on this summer’s New Vegas DLC.

10 Video Game Characters Who Would Make The Worst Roommates Ever


West Side Rentals and Craig’s List can’t help you now.

Toys ‘R’ Us Flier Outs Mortal Kombat DLC

mk scarlet thumb

New characters coming Wednesday, May 4.

Amid Allegations Of ID Theft In Australia, Sony Reports ‘No Unauthorized Activity’


Is your credit card information safe? Yes! Maybe! Probably yes!

Stewart Gilray Thinks You’re Overreacting To PSN Hack


We disagree.

These Jurassic Park Screens Can’t See If You Don’t Move

jurassic park 3 thumb

Okay, so that joke doesn’t really work. But there are a few fresh shots in this batch.

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