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Sony Gives PS Plus Members Five Day Extension as Downtime Apology


Sony is apologizing to PlayStation Plus members for the holiday downtime with a free five-day extension to their subscription. The…

Sony Extending PS Plus Subscriptions After DDoS Attack


Sony is offering PlayStation Plus users a five-day subscription extension to make up for the recent PlayStation Network outage. The…

PS Plus Gave Out $112 Worth of Games Each Month in 2014


Sony’s PlayStation Plus service gave subscribers more than their money’s worth in 2014. That, at least, would seem to be…

September’s PS Plus Instant Game Additions Revealed

ps plus

Sony has announced September’s additions to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection. The games, which were revealed in a posting…

EA Access is the Latest Attempt to Normalize Games as a Service

ea access thumb

Electronic Arts, Sony, Microsoft and just about everyone else want a future of game as a service, and their subscription programs are meant to get you on board with it, too.

Sony Says ‘No’ to EA Access on PS4; Wouldn’t Be a ‘Good Value’


Sony deals a blow to Electronic Arts’ newly announced EA Access subscription program, and won’t be allowing it on Playstation 4.

Sony Revamps PlayStation Plus Starting in June


Sony is revamping PlayStation Plus to offer two new free games every month for each of its currently supported consoles:…

PSA: Borderlands 2 PS3 Is Free For PlayStation Plus Subs Tomorrow


Got a PlayStation 3 and a PS Plus account? You can play Borderlands 2 for free tomorrow. Everyone’s favorite co-op…

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Will Sell At $60 Loss During Launch


The PlayStation 4 will sell at a loss in the launch window, but it’s an easy gulf for Sony to overcome….

Sony Gamescom Recap: PS4 Date, Price Cuts, Microsoft Burned

PS4 Logo Thumbnail 140x

“While others have shifted their message, and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining policies, and a model that…

Sony Offering 3 Months of PS Plus Free With a Year’s Subscription


In preparation for the November 15 launch of the PlayStation 4 in North America, Sony is bringing back a popular…

PSA: PS+ Members To Get Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2 Free


It’s a good thing I already paid for theHEY NO FAIR!

3 New Games Free On Playstation Plus In July


But before you get too happy, they’re just PSN titles.

12 Free Games Now Available for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

ps plus featured

Including some seriously weighty titles.

E3 2012: Sony Rumored To Announce Plus Revamp W/Vita Support



How About a Starhawk Trailer to Go With the Public Beta

starhawk thumb

If you’ve got a Playstation Plus membership, you can still get into the beta and check out Starhawk yourself.

Don’t Have PlayStation Plus? That’s Okay — You Can Get into the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Beta Now

assassin's creed revelations 2 thumb

Quick, go play it — it only lasts until Sept. 11.

Lots of Discounts in the Pipe for (European) Playstation Plus Members

playstation plus thumb

Here’s hoping a lot of these are available for U.S. Plus members, too.

Beyond Good & Evil HD Coming to PS3 in May

beyond good and evil thumb

Playstation Plus members will also get a 20 percent day-one discount.

Modern Combat: Domination Review

modern combat thumb

This multiplayer-only FPS gets right to the point, and while it’s by no means perfect, it’s easy to forgive most or all of its issues because of its bargain asking price.

Valve’s Gabe Newell Discusses Problems with XBox Live


Valve boss Gabe Newell says that XBox Live is, “such a train wreck that something will have to change.” Is he right?

Hulu Plus Preview is Ready to Go on PS3


Do you have Playstation Plus? If you said yes out loud, then let me point out that I’m not actually…

Hulu Plus Won’t Require PlayStation Plus After All

So, alongside the news that Hulu is bringing its Plus service to PlayStations across the country has been the big…

Playstation Plus will Give You More This Month Than What It Gave This Week

I’m saying that we in North America weren’t missing out on anything by only getting one Mini. No, it turns…

Here’s What You Get from Playstation Plus in Japan Right Now

It looks like the Japanese version of Playstation Plus is drastically different from what NA and EU are getting. The…

Here’s Exactly What a Playstation Plus Subscription Will Get You At This Exact Moment in North America

PS3 firmware v3.40 is live, and with it comes the Playstation Plus. But until now, we didn’t know exactly what…

New Playstation Firmware is Hot and Ready

That’s right, as of now you can log onto the Playstation Network on your PSP and PS3 and download the…

Playstation Plus Hits Tonight or Tomorrow with Firmware Updates, Y’all

The Plus service will become available once PS3 firmware 3.40 and PSP firmware 6.30 go live, which the US Playstation…

Here’s Exactly What Playstation Plus Will Get You in Europe

Previously, I went through everything we knew the Playstation Plus subscription would entail, and as of now, five days before…

Digging into the Playstation Plus

Man, this Playstation Plus thing is confusing, right? Well, be confused no more, because right here you’ll find the full…

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