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Chrono Trigger is Coming to the Playstation Network Oct. 4, For Real This Time


No idea what it’ll cost though.

The Top 10 Weirdest Commercials in Gaming (VIDEOS)

terrible game commercials thumb

Yeah, some of these are incredibly strange.

Sony Confirms Its S1 Tablet is a Playstation Tablet

sony-tablets1 thumb

It’s not really all that Playstation-like and we kind of already knew that it was a Playstation tablet, but whatever.

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling: Entire Killstreak System Changed


We’re going streaking!

The PlayStation Museum Says You Could Be The Next Top PS1 Developer

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 2.39.33 PM

If you happen to have at least $35,000 lying around.

Xperia Play Hits Verizon Next Week For $200, with Free Games

psphone thumb

Get your preorders in now!

Former Sony Chairman Norio Ohga Dead At 81


Mourn the man who turned Sony into a gaming powerhouse.

Ten Amusingly Expensive JRPGs (plus one WRPG)


Who’s paying for these things?

The Untold Origins Of Grand Theft Auto


Archaeologists of the future will be looting these things out of the ruined skyscrapers of our decayed, buried cities.

Crysis 2 Cheats


Effectively, a nanosuit for your brain.

GDC11: Xperia Play Hands-On

star_battalion thumb

When I found the Xperia Play on the exhibition floor at GDC 2011, I almost couldn’t believe it. The mythical…

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 “Need a Healing Factor” Achievement/Trophy


Find out how to survive a match without blocking even once.

Xperia Play Preorders at $840 in U.K.


Not sure what it’ll be on contract, but right now, the Xperia Play is pretty ‘spense.

Xenogears, Killzone 3 Map Pack Lead Massive Playstation Store Update

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The weekly Playstation Store update is filled with new and discounted content, and Sony’s running a promotion in which users can vote for 2010 content to get discounted, too.

Want an Xperia Play? Get Ready to Rebuy Your PSN Games


Sony Ericsson confirms there’s no transferring of content already purchased on PSN to the Xperia Play. Get ready to pay the Man — again.

Playstation Phone (Finally) Confirmed by Super Bowl Ad

psphone thumb

Looks like Sony Ericsson has finally leaked enough Xperia Play information to figure it ought to actually announce the thing.

Playstation Phone Put Through Paces (in the U.S. This Time)

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Engadget snagged one of those Xperia Plays and got the whole skinny. Except we still don’t know anything about games.

Playstation Phone For Sale in China

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Somebody walked right into a store and bought the Xperia Play, it seems, but there’s still no carrier and no official announcement about the phone’s existence.

Buster Sword Wood-Chopping, Decorative Wood Racks (VIDEO)

buster sword thumb

A guy made a Buster sword and he uses it to chop wood for his decorative wood rack. I imagine he could also use it to slay one-winged angels.

Playstation Phone Shown in Action with Resident Evil 2 (VIDEO)

psphone thumb

Seems that Playstation Pocket app that comes on the phone is for playing PSX games.

YES: Vagrant Story, Xenogears and More Coming to PSN

vagrant thumb

ESRB has rated a handful of old PS1 titles for release on the Playstation Network. They’re unconfirmed, but then again, ESRB doesn’t go around rating hypothetical games.

Square Enix Releasing New Xenogears Orchestral Soundtrack


A new orchestral arrangement of one of gaming’s greatest soundtracks, from one of the composers of Chrono Trigger. Get excited, fellow nerds!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer Guide


A comprehensive guide to all the backstabbing multiplayer action.

Hello, Video of the Playstation Phone


That seems like that. Take a look for yourselves.

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