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RUMOR: Portal 2 Competitive Multiplayer On the Way


Hidden codes can pave the way for competitive multiplayer in Portal 2.

Portal 2 Avatar Unlockables

portal 2 avatar gear thumb

Check out all the cool stuff you can unlock for your Xbox Live Avatar in Portal 2. We’ve got the low-down on how you get every item.

Portal 2 Rat Man Transmissions

rat man thumb

Valve has some pretty involved Easter eggs hidden in those Rat Man dens in Portal 2. We’ve got a whole rundown of how to find them, save them, decode them and feel awesome for seeing them.

Portal 2 Rat Man Dens

rat man den thumb

The locations of all the hidden side rooms in Portal 2 that are good for a little bit of story, an Achievement/Trophy and some Easter eggs.

10 Reasons To Read the Portal 2 Comic


Meet Rat Man, the schizophrenic scientist who scrawled “the cake is a lie.”

Portal 2 Easter Eggs


Hidden fun for everyone!

Portal 2 Endings (SPOILERS!)


For those who are Still Alive at the end.

Portal 2 Review

portal 2 review thumb

Yes, Portal 2 is engaging, hilarious, brilliant in many ways and ingeniously designed. But a dumbed-down opening act holds back — just a little — a game that could have been truly transcendent.

The Memes of Portal: A Restrospective


Let’s put this stuff to bed, aight?

Portal 2 Trophies


Better than cake.

Portal 2 Cheats


Don’t end up as a disgruntled Portal worker!

Portal 2 Countdown Needs CPUs to Reboot GLaDOS


Portal isn’t launching early. Well, at least not yet.

Portal 2 Walkthrough


An even better companion than the Companion Cube.

Watch Every Single Portal 2 Trailer (Videos)


We are not kidding. Every single Portal 2 video we could drag out for your amusement in here.

Steam on PS3 Features Cloud Saving, Friends List

portal 2 thumb

All the details on how Steam on PS3 will work.

Portal 2 Panels ‘Boots’ Trailer


The fourth and final installment of the “Product” series of videos.

Sequel-Bridging Portal Comic Coming Tomorrow

portal2comic thumb

Hooray, it’s free.

Portal 2 Panels Trailer


Aperture has panel technology!

This Portal 2 TV Spot is There– er, Here (VIDEO)

portal 2 thumb

It’s everywhere, really.

GDC 11: Portal 2 Live, Powered by Razer’s Sixense Motion Control


Believe the hype.

GDC11: Steam Coming to TVs

achievements tab

Valve hasn’t said how it works, though.

Portal 2 Achievements


These are not a lie.

The Internet Says Portal 2 Has Move Support, Valve Says It Does Not

portal 2 thumb

I wonder which one I’m going to believe.

Aperture Science Explains Valentine’s Day Gift-Giving (VIDEO)

portal 2 thumb

It’s funny.

Blizzard Considering Diablo for Consoles


Could Diablo make its way to your living room?

Portal 2 Allows PC & PS3 Modders to Share

portal 2 thumb

Thanks to Steamworks mods can port to either platform.

Steamworks Could Extend to More PS3 Titles


Could Portal 2 be the harbinger of many Steamworks titles for PS3?

Breaking: Portal 2 on PS3 Features Cross-Platform Play!

portal 2 thumb

Valve gives PS3 Portal 2 full Steam compatibility and anybody who purchases the game on PS3 gets a free PC copy. Time to cancel that Xbox 360 version preorder.

Razer PC Motion Controller Gets Exclusive Portal 2 Levels (VIDEO)

portal 2 thumb

People who decide to snag the Razer Hydra will get a Portal 2 exclusive that changes some of the way the game plays.

Valve Gives Us Portal 2 Box Art

portal 2 thumb

Soon we’ll have Portal 2 to put in that box, right? In April, with no more delays, right? Right?!

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