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James vs Games Episode 69 – Portal


In this edition of James vs. Games, James takes on a game that challenges the friendship of even the closest…

Dad Gives Son a Portal Gun in Fan Video

Portal Kid

One enterprising father has created a video imagining what would happen if his 3 year old got his hands on…

Mitchell’s Top 5 Unconventional Game Love Stories (VIDEO)

companion cube big thumb

For your Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure, some weird video game relationships.

Listen to Game Front’s Ultimate Game Music Playlist on Spotify

ultimate game music playlist thumb

We made some playlists we think you might enjoy. Check ‘em out and add your own favorite tracks.

Check Out Qbeh, A Free Minecraft-Inspired Puzzler


It’s kind of awesome.

The World’s Best Mod Puts Portal Bots Into GTA IV (VIDEO)


Perfection. Damn.

Check Out Lego Portal, A Jigsaw Production Immediately


Yet more proof that nothing sucks with Legos

Silent Protagonists: Why Games Like Skyrim Would Be Better without Them


Is it time we move beyond silent protagonists, or is silence golden?

Enjoy Your Christmas Tree The Portal Way, You Monster

portal christmas tree thumb

I would be worried about the presents being filled with deadly neurotoxin, if I were you.

Pranksters Turn NYC Sculpture Into Weighted Companion Cube

portal companion cube prank thumb

This is awesome.

Gabe Newell: Piracy Is A ‘Non Issue’



Portal is Free!


For the moment, anyway.

Valve’s Gabe Newell: DRM Is “Totally Backwards”


Hell yes. Damn right. And other swearing affirmations.

Mario, With Portals, For Real This Time (VIDEO)


Somebody is actually making this.

Watch This Portal Fan Film With Impressive SFX


Fight choreography could use some work, however.

How Super Mario Bros. Should Have Ended


This actually makes a lot more sense.

Kim Swift and Airtight Games Announcing New Title at PAX


It’s a downloadable game, but a game nonetheless.

Top 10 Portal-Themed Minecraft Mods


A whole new meaning to “weighted companion cube.”

24 Portal Cosplay Photos (Gallery)


Featuring 28 people who know a hell of a lot about sewing, and Portal.

A Real Life Portal Turret (Images)


Yet another entry in our ongoing series, ‘Things you wish you were cool enough to do first’.

Portal: Reach Is The Greatest Idea We’ve Heard Since Mega-Metroid-Man


Note: Mega-Metroid-Man is something I just made up. But Portal: Reach is something you can watch right now!

Check Out This Amazing, Home-Made Portal Gun

portal kid thumbnail

A really cool kid made it for a robotics competition. It’s better than anything you’ve ever done.

The Memes of Portal: A Restrospective


Let’s put this stuff to bed, aight?

Top 10 Portal Mods


These mods are a triumph.

Portal Mod — Unity


The mod is a lie.

Sequel-Bridging Portal Comic Coming Tomorrow

portal2comic thumb

Hooray, it’s free.

Portal’s Still Alive, Slowly

still alive

Portal is now the subject of a new meme, rather than what spawns it.

Valve Wants to Give European Steam Users Some Free Portal

paysafeccard 2

It’s all advertising for Portal 2 at this point.

Free Portal Garners 1.5 Million Downloads

I know this won’t surprise anyone, but it turns out gamers like free stuff. In fact, they like free stuff…

Aperture Science Welcomes You to the Portal Project, Teases Portal 2

Yesterday we announced that Portal is free through May 24 to celebrate the launch of Steam on Mac. Today, Valve…

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