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Murdered: Soul Suspect Preview: Ghost + L.A. Noire = Awesome?


We’re in a weird moment in gaming. It appears the console makers want to catch up to PC services when…

Indie Darkwood to Capitalize On Your Fear of the Unknown

darkwood horrorscope thumb

Darkwood’s unconventional perspective, old-school nature and shifty, psychological atmosphere have propelled it to crowd-funding success.

The Evil Within Preview: The Spirit of Resident Evil 4 Returns

evil within preview thumb

Shinji Mikami’s new game feels a lot like one of his best old ones. That’s both a high standard to meet and a tough one to escape.

Wolfenstein’s New Order is to Combine Old School with New

wolf preview thumb

Machinehead Games’ addition to the storied Wolfenstein franchise is to blend shooter conventions of two different eras, and take BJ to the 1960s.

Xbox One: The Big List of Confirmed Games


All the games fit for a new console.

Here’s What We Know About Call of Duty: Ghosts

cod ghosts thumb

We got some behind-the-scenes info about the new Call of Duty: Ghosts, its tech and its story. Here’s everything we know.

Batman: Arkham Origins Preview — The E3 Primer


Game Front’s E3 Primer series is focused on providing previews of key games, companies and gadgets leading up to E3 2013 (June…

A Mighty Hands-On Preview of The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot


Clicking furiously with Ubisoft’s new free-to-play dungeon-crawler.

Among The Sleep Preview: Babes in Terrorland


Taking on the role of a two-year-old in Among The Sleep leads to some creepy, surreal moments in its alpha-state demo.

The Last of Us Preview: Dangers Seen and Unseen

joel attacks clicker thumb

Our second hands-on look at The Last of Us shows off new locations, new enemies, and new situations in which Joel and Ellie fight for survival.

Guncraft Preview: Minecraft-Like Building Leads to Destruction

guncraft 10 thumb

We get hands-on with Guncraft, which uses building of structures a la Minecraft to facilitate some fast-paced first-person shooter action.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Preview


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing is a breath of fresh air for the action RPG.

Watch_Dogs Preview — The E3 Primer

watch dogs jam communications thumb

Everything we know about the elusive Watch_Dogs.

Sanctum 2 Preview: Tougher And Leaner


Snactum 2 is shaping up to be a worth sequel and, more importantly, a truly fantastic tower defense game.

The Big Games of E3 2013 List

withcer 3 thumb

Here are all the games we know and expect to see at E3 2013.

Company of Heroes 2: Theater of War Hands-On: Launch the Blitzkrieg!


Hone your skills with this mode, which bridges single- and multiplayer.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Preview – The E3 Primer

assassin's creed 4 whaling thumb

Here’s everything we’ve yet learned about Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

Camelot Unchained Dev: The Subscription Model Has to Evolve


Hopes for a minimum of 50,000 subscribers for Camelot Unchained.

Madden NFL 25 Preview: Smarter Physics, Harder Hits


What does EA have in store, in this the 25th year of Madden?

FIFA 14 Preview: Improvements Breed Variety


Gameplay revelations from last week’s FIFA 14 unveiling.

Company of Heroes 2 Beta Preview: Da, Tovarisch!


How is Relic’s much-delayed Eastern Front RTS shaping up?

Justice League of Legends: Hands-on with Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis_21_nightmare_batman_actionThumb

Does the DC Comics MOBA have what it takes?

The Future of Hawken: Mechanic Mechs and PhysX Physics

technician2 140x

What don’t we know about Hawken? We know it’s about 20-foot-tall mechs shooting each other to pieces on levels filled…

The Watch_Dogs PAX East Demo: Long Lines, Low Information


Ubisoft is keeping their cards close to the vest on their newest open-world title.

Saints Row 4 PAX East Preview: El Fugitivo Lives!


Dubstep gun. There’s a dubstep gun.

Bioshock Infinite Video Preview: All You Need to Know


Get the rundown on Bioshock Infinite. Now in video form.

The Elder Scrolls Online Preview: It’s Like Skyrim – Online


A first look at combat, questing, and, most importantly, that Skyrim new-car smell.

Anomaly 2 Preview: Transformers, Roll Out

anomaly 2 1 thumb

Building on the last game’s strategy offerings and fast-changing situations, Anomaly 2 adds even on-the-fly changes to your tower-offense convoy.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Preview – Here’s Everything New


Find out what’s hot about HotS. Yeah, we went there.

Slender: The Arrival Beta Impressions — Much Prettier Terror

slender the arrival 5 thumb

The beta for Slender: The Arrival updates Slender: The Eight Pages with better graphics and new elements.

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