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Borderlands 2 Preview: Mega-Bosses and the Mechromancer


Not that you need me to tell you this looks great.

Guacamelee: As Good As A Taco Truck And Twice As Badass


We loved it.

Dead Island Riptide Preview: A Cleansing Bloodbath

dead island riptide featured

Can Deep Silver wash away the flaws of the original Dead Island?

We Played Colonial Marines ‘Escape Mode’ And Lost Badly


On the ground at PAX Prime, we sucked at killing Aliens.

Firefall Preview: The Mystery of Monetization Revealed


This beta be good…

RaiderZ Beta Impressions: The First Few Hours

raiderz_screen_060112_01 thumb

After messing around in RaiderZ closed beta for the first few hours, I’m pretty positive on its active combat and crafting.

Hotline Miami Hands-On: What If Vice City Was A Period Piece?


20 minutes with Dennation’s ode to the Magic city’s Cocaine Cowboys era was fun, if frustrating.

Lord of the Rings Online Mounted Combat Preview: Arise, Riders of Théoden!


Turbine brings mounted combat to LotRO. After all this time, will it satisfy?

Beyond: Two Souls Is David Cage’s “Most Ambitious Game Yet”


But it’s still mostly a game of quick time events

SMITE Beta Preview


This is how you play god.

Larian Looking to Make Divinity: Original Sin Crazy Moddable

divinity original sin 3 thumb

Like mod tools? Divinity: Original Sin will ship with lots of them.

Slender: Tapping Primal Dread and an Internet Meme

slender 3 thumb

The entirely creepy, short and experimental Slender works on your instinctual fears and turns being human against you.

Neverwinter Developers Working to Be True to Stories

neverwinter 2 thumb

There’s a lot of lore surrounding Neverwinter, and you can expect Perfect World’s MMO to respect it.

Divinity: Dragon Commander’s Coolest Feature: Political Marriages

divinity dragon commander 3 thumb

Political strategy, real-time strategy, role-playing elements, and dragons wearing jetpacks that slow down time.

Enemy Front: A Return to the ’90s WW2 FPS

enemy front featured

With a modern twist.

Defiance Hands-On: If RIFT Were A Sci-Fi FPS


You got your FPS in my MMO. No, no — I didn’t say “remove it.”

Hawken Hands-On: This Isn’t Your Father’s Mech


War is a machine.

RIFT: The Next Evolution in Boss Battles


The bigger they come, the better the loot.

Core Blaze Hands-On: An Action MMORPG with A Twist


A day/night cycle that actually matters.

Lord of the Rings Online Riders of Rohan Preview: Ride or Die


A close look at Turbine’s forthcoming expansion.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Preview: A Study in Fun


This game’s afoot.

Moonlighters Preview: Heists and Highballs


This indie caper channels Sammy and Sinatra.

Of Orcs And Men Preview: It’s Not Easy Being Green

Of Orcs and Men_Screenshot_11

A look at Cyanide Studio’s new fantasy RPG.

Dishonored Dev: We ‘Adjust the Game to Meet the Challenge’

dishonored thumb

When players figure out how to use their Dishonored powers in unexpected ways, the devs usually make things tougher.

Carrier Command Preview: Drop Anchor, Drop Bombs


Bohemia gives a 1988 classic a modern makeover.

Warface Preview: Claymore For Less


Hands-on with Crytek’s F2P shooter.

Perfect World’s RaiderZ Adds Great Ideas to Action-MMO Formula

raiderz_screen_060112_03 thumb

You’ll be grabbing enemies’ weapons and switching your class and weapons on the fly.

Side-Scrolling Puzzler Pid is This Year’s LIMBO

Pid_Screenshot_attic_3 thumb

Another great 2-D puzzle-platformer is on the horizon.

Minecraft-like FPS Brick-Force Bringing New Content This Summer

brick force 2 thumb

Two new game modes that are going to mix things up significantly are coming to free-to-play Brick-Force.

Unreal Engine 4 Preview: Light on Smoke


Game Front sat down in a darkened room with Epic’s newest toys.

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