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Star Wars 1313 E3 Preview: I Have a Great Feeling About This


The Force is strong with this one.

Lead Designer Daniel Erickson on the Past and Future of SWTOR


There is another…patch.

Star Trek Preview: Set Phasers to “Bore”


Can the game tie-in to J.J. Abrams forthcoming sequel be any good?

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Hands-On

ghost warrior 2 featured


Dawnguard: More Skyrim Goodness, With Stuff You Don’t Really Need

Dawnguard thumb

You might not find the Vampire Lord or crossbow very useful, but Dawnguard will offer lots to do and many improvements.

ARMA 3 Preview: 1001 Ways to War


Hands-on with Bohemia Interactive’s milsim sandbox.

Spec Ops: The Line Preview: Ideas Lofty, Walls Chest-High


Can Spec Ops’ gameplay match its literary ambitions?

The Last of Us Preview: Emotions of Apocalypse


In-depth with Naughty Dog’s new adventure.

Game Front’s Hidden Gems of E3 2012

Pid_Screenshot_attic_3 thumb

There are great games from off the beaten path at E3 — here are a few of our favs.

Dawnguard Will Be ‘Significantly Bigger than Fallout DLC’

SoulCairnFight thumb

Expect to sink quite a bit of time into Skyrim’s DLC.

XCOM E3 Preview: Bring in the Pros


Close Encounters of the Violent Kind.

God of War: Ascension Single-Player Preview: Young Kratos, Old Formula


It looks a lot like God of War 3. Which is to say, it looks very good, if a little familiar.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Hands-On: A Pants-Crapping Experience


They’re coming outta the walls. They’re coming outta the goddamn walls. Let’s book!

Borderlands 2 Preview: Big Numbers, Big Guns


Skags are bad. Borderlands 2 isn’t.

The Elder Scrolls Online Might Be Your New Entry-Level MMO


ZeniMax Online looks to be making an MMO you can get into even if you’re new to MMOs.

Far Cry 3 Preview: A Smart Game with Boobs in It? Impossible.


It has lots of violence, nudity and tribal tattoos. It can’t also be smart, can it?

ROCCAT to Make Your iPhone Part of Your PC Gaming This Summer


Also releasing new high-end and low-priced gaming mice.

SimCity 2013 Impressions: Groundbreaking, Yet Troubling


Is it better to be the sole monotheistic god of an entire universe, or a member of a pantheon? That’s…

Watch Dogs: How The Game Actually Works


If you’re wondering what Watch Dogs is all about, this is where you find out.

Watch Dogs: Why We Thought It Was Awesome


Watch Dogs is the biggest surprise of E3, and we love surprises!

FarCry 3 Co-Op Preview: A Far Cry From Fun


My first impression of FarCry 3′s co-op mode–revealed during Sony’s E3 presentation–was that it seemed like a harmless, though somewhat…

Hitman Absolution vs. Sleeping Dogs: Chinatown Throwdown

hitman vs thumb

Which game had the better E3 showing?

Dishonored Combines Deus Ex Freedom with BioShock Power


Arkane Studios’ newest title looks very promising indeed.

Quantum Conundrum Preview: From Portals to New Dimensions


Portal co-creator Kim Swift’s next puzzle game is multiple dimensions of awesome

Tomb Raider Preview: A Hands-Off Look at Lara’s Beginnings


And you thought Nathan Drake had a bad day…

Crysis 3 Preview: Took a Grenade-Arrow to the Face


More sandboxy, more hacking, more bow & arrow.

Kip Katsarelis: SimCity Made “From The Ground Up” For Multiplayer

sim city featured

He also explained how co-op will help players fight crime.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Hands-on Preview

Transformers FOC - Grimlock chomping Insecticons_6 thumb

High Moon Studios has made some improvements on the formula it created in War for Cybertron.

Elder Scrolls Online Will Have Single Player Campaign

elder scrolls online thumb

Thus forcing us all to ask, “Why do we need an Elder Scrolls MMO again?”

Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer Looks Great, Hints at Political Motifs

assassin's creed 3 thumb

The first in-game footage for the game is intriguing.

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