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Sony Guilty of “Deceptive” Marketing, Must Refund Vita Owners


Sony has agreed to pay early PlayStation Vita adopters as recompense for false advertising. The settlement came about after the…

PS Now Heading to Vita, PS TV October 14th


Sony’s PlayStation Now open beta will be heading to Vita and PlayStation TV next week. The beta which is currently…

September’s PS Plus Instant Game Additions Revealed

ps plus

Sony has announced September’s additions to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection. The games, which were revealed in a posting…

Road Not Taken Review: Puzzling Down Diverging Roads

road not taken 9 thub

It’s easy to get lost in Road Not Taken’s simple but challenging puzzles, and in the intriguing world within which they’re found.

Road Not Taken Preview: Puzzling Ghosts of the Past

road not taken art thumb

An upbeat nature hides an undercurrent of spookiness and mystery in puzzler Road Not Taken.

MouseCraft Review: Classic Puzzle Elements, Smartly Combined

mousecraft 3 thumb

Puzzler MouseCraft combines Lemmings and Tetris with smartly built puzzles that will make you feel dumb, until you figure them out.

1001 Spikes Cheats


Get a travel guide while exploring the deadly dungeons of 1001 Spikes with our cheats compendium.

1001 Spikes: All Golden Skulls – Collectibles Locations Guide


Fill your coffers with golden collectible skulls in our archaeological locations guide.

PlayStation Now Will Launch With “Hundreds of Titles”

PS Now

Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service will launch with a library of hundreds o “hundreds of titles.” The depth of the…

Minecraft PS3 Retail Edition Arrives May 16th


Following its success in the Playstation Store, a retail version of Minecraft is expected next month. With around 35 million…

PS Plus February Instant Game Collection Includes Payday 2, Outlast


Sony has taken the wraps off of its Instant Game Collection offerings for February, revealing one PS4 title, three PS3…

Star Wars 1313 Creative Director Jumps to Sony


Back in the day, Dominic Robilliard worked on The Getaway series for Sony, and then he moved over to LucasArts,…

Cavanagh Promises VVVVVV on Handheld Devices This Year

vvvvvv 2

Terry Cavanagh’s VVVVVV is pleasantly painful platformer that has been delighting and frustrating computer gamers for years, and Terry says…

Playstation Now Game Streaming Service Unveiled At CES


Sony’s $380 million acquisition of Gaikai will bear fruit as scheduled in 2014, as SCE President Andrew House unveiled Playstation…

PS4 Launch Spurred PS Vita Sales

PS Vita 2000 Shuhei Yoshida Micro USB 140x

MCV is reporting that after the S4 launched last month, PS Vita sales spiked, leaping 68 percent that week and…

Killzone for Vita Getting Major Updates, Free Maps Soon

killzone mercenary

In my house we’re still all gawking over Killzone: Shadow Fall on PS4, but there’s more 2013 Killzone fun to…

Amazon Adds PlayStation Network Store Ahead of PS4 Launch


Which next-gen console will be better? Game Front gives the definitive opinion with our massive Xbox One and PlayStation 4…

PS Vita 2000 Embraces Micro USB For Charging

PS Vita 2000 Shuhei Yoshida Micro USB 140x


Sony And Gaikai To Start PS3 Streaming Library in 2014

Sad that you won’t be able to play PlayStation 3 games on your PlayStation 4? Dry those tears, emotionally compromised…

Samurai Gunn Hands-On: The Return of Local Multiplayer


Samurai Gunn is the best multiplayer game you will never play online. Developed by Beau Blyth — also known as…

Killzone: Mercenary Cheats


Ruining Helghan for fun and profit.

Killzone: Mercenary Trophies


Live the mercenary lifestyle and earn trophies while you’re at it.

Killzone: Mercenary Walkthrough


Enter the danger zone.

Sony Offering 3 Months of PS Plus Free With a Year’s Subscription


In preparation for the November 15 launch of the PlayStation 4 in North America, Sony is bringing back a popular…

PS4 and Vita Indie Lineup Grows — Rogue Legacy, Volume


Sony, continuing their trend of Indie support, announced quite a lineup of titles without major publisher support for both the…

Dragon’s Crown Review Roundup: Get All The Scores Here


Get all the scores for Dragon’s Crown here.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation Wins Writers Guild Award


Beat out Disney Epic Mickey 2.

PS3 & PS Vita Adding Epix Support to Stream Movies, TV, Concerts, More


Only in the US.

PSA: Vita Bundles $199.99 Until Tomorrow


Go forth and spend.

Toys R Us Black Friday Deals Don’t Suck


But I still want to grow up.

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