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5 Reasons The PSVita Will Be Worth Your Money


Oh, and 1 reason it won’t…

LittleBigPlanet Vita Screens


The power of Vita compels you!

E3 2011 – PSVita In-Depth Preview


The handheld everyone’s been waiting for? Find out what we thought as we got hands on with the next-generation portable and three games.

Is the Vita Gonna Be Available in Multiple Colors?

wipeout vita

What an excellent question!

E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Recap


This was a great presser for Sony (…Vita!), even though it was full of some crap. And it was missing some crap, too.

WipEout 2048 Vita Trailer

wipeout vita

You will be impressed.

Irrational Games Announces Vita BioShock Project


Yet another reason to get a Vita.

LittleBigPlanet Coming to PS Vita


The little big planet is coming to the little big portable.

PS Vita Going with AT&T

ngp big

Oh god…

Playstation Vita Pricing

ngp big

We got it! We got it!

NGP is Playstation Vita

ngp big thumb

What we already thought we knew is confirmed.

Sony Trademarks “PSVITA” in Europe


This s–t just got real official.

Kojima’s ‘Transfarring’: Keep Playing PS3 Games on Your PSP

transfarring thumb

Hideo Kojima details his three-step plan to transferring saved game data between the PS3 and portables.

Sony Thought About Making the NGP into a Phone, Too


But then they were all like, “Naaaaaaaaaaaahhh.”

Sony Lifts NGP Embargo, Previews Abound

ngp big thumb

There’s a lot of new hand-on info about Sony’s newest portable system.

Rumor: Your NGP Launch Titles Are…

ngp big thumb

If this list is correct, I think we’d all be happy with it.

“PS Vita” Spotted in Code

ngp big thumb

Yay for obsessed spotters.

Sony to Stream E3 Presser Live On the PS Blog

sony s2

No longer must you rely on third parties!

Oh, So that Sony Guy Wasn’t Talking About the PS4? Yeah, Right

ngp big thumb

He was just talking about something else, you know?

Sony’s NGP to be Called “Vita” (RUMOR)

ngp big thumb

‘Vita’ means life in Italian, but is it the actual name of Sony’s new handheld?

Sony Confirms NGP to Release This Year and Playstation Store to Return This Month

ngp big thumb

Hackers cannot stop Sony’s godlike handheld.

Some PSP Games Being Remastered for PS3 Release


And you’ll be able to transfer saves between the two versions! This is Hideo Kojima’s dream come true.

Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3 Getting ‘Handheld’ Versions

me3 1 thumb

And speculation puts them on the iPhone rather than the NGP or 3DS.

Sony E3 Details Leaked? (RUMOR)


Could this be Sony’s big leak this year – all their E3 plans made public?

NGP May See Staggered Release, Be Really Expensive

ngp big thumb

I don’t think any part of that is good news.

Sony Rumored to Push Out Android Tablet by Summer

PS3SUITE thumb

It’ll carry Sony’s upcoming Playstation Suite service and run Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

NGP Price Points Possibly Revealed By Survey

ngp big

And it’s actually not too horrible. The prices, I mean.

Expect Only AAA NGP Games to Be Available At Retail


It’ll be at the publisher’s discretion, of course.

GDC11: NGP Media Will Include Dedicated Save Space

ngp thumb

NGP games will come with their own dedicated space for memory, so you can pop the game out and transfer it to another device, save and all.

GameFront iPhone App Now Available!


Watch out, world.

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