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Monochroma Review – What’s Black, White and Red All Over?


Monochroma is a puzzle platformer that struggles with the two most important aspects of a puzzle platformer: The puzzles and the platforming

Contrast Review – Potential is Lost in the Shadows


If you look at the surge of great puzzle platformers in recent years – games like Braid, Portal, VVVVVV, and…

Contrast Preview – Fun With Shadows


The most exciting game of the PS4 launch is not to be overshadowed

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review – An Emotional Journey


Brothers packs an emotional punch in its story, but does it still make for a good game?

Gunpoint Review: Wearing the Pants of Great Stealth, Puzzles

gunpoint 2 thumb

Great writing, tight design, clever puzzles and fun stealth mechanics make Gunpoint a game you should be playing.

Magrunner Review: Forget GlaDOS, Be Afraid of Cthulhu

magrunner 1 thumb

Throw Cthulhu into a game that’s not unlike Portal, and you have a puzzler that’s clever, as well as spooky.

Luminesca Preview: Lights in the Deep

luminesca 1 thumb

A beautiful but simple art style isn’t just for show in Luminesca, and it makes exploring this undersea world pretty engaging.

Lucius Review: Murders That Make You Want to Kill Yourself

lucius thumb

This game ruined my day.

5 Crazy Difficult and Intricate Video Game Puzzles

broken sword goat thumb

In honor of Fez and its tougher puzzles, we’ve run down five of gaming’s worst brain-benders.

Indie Title Vessel to Feature Music from Jon Hopkins, Dynamically Remix to Match Player Progress

vessel thumb

Another reason to look forward to Vessel’s March 1 release on Steam.

Alpha Polaris Review

alpha polaris thumb

It’s not perfect, but indie PC title Alpha Polaris delivers an atmospheric and challenging point-and-click adventure at a decent price.

Portal 2 Review

portal 2 review thumb

Yes, Portal 2 is engaging, hilarious, brilliant in many ways and ingeniously designed. But a dumbed-down opening act holds back — just a little — a game that could have been truly transcendent.

Check Out Sheep-Hit


A quasi-proof of concept video for the weirdest game idea since birds were flung at pigs. What’s the French word for win?

Super Scribblenauts Review


Who needs a mere “Dragon,” when you can have a “Giant Electrified Polka Dot Dragon?” Super Scribblenauts lets you do that, and more by adding Adjectives to the already-great concept. This game is a blast.

Puzzle Quest 2 Review


If you’re unfamiliar with the series: 2007′s Puzzle Quest 1 took the whole match-three “puzzle game” motif of Bejeweled fame…

Gaming Today Impressions of N+ (PSP)

N+ Developer: Silverbirch Studios Publisher: Atari Price: $19.99 Platform: PSP, DS Category: Puzzle/Platformer ESRB: “E” for Everyone Release Date: August…

Gaming Today Impressions of Puchi Puchi Virus (Nintendo DS)

Puchi Puchi Virus Developer: Jaleco Publisher: NIS America Price: N/A (Expected to be $19.99 or $29.99) Platform: Nintendo DS Category:…

Gaming Today Reviews Jewel Craft

I’m by no means an expert on casual games. I’m a hardcore Halo guy. But, I still enjoy being able…

E3 2007: Super Puzzle Fighter HD Hands On

During our visit to Capcom this morning we had a great experience getting hands on with a number of upcoming…

E3 2007: Capcom’s Zack and Wiki a Real Treasure

I recently managed to get some hands on time with Capcom’s upcoming puzzler Zack and Wiki. The Wii exclusive challenges…