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Beyond: Two Souls Bowls To More Than A Million Copies Sold

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A Quantic Dream word cloud says that Beyond: Two Souls shifted a million copies into player hands between its launch…

Sony On Beyond Two Souls Nudity: ‘It’s Not Actually’ Ellen Page

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But it’s supposed to look like her.

How Beyond: Two Souls Fails Where Heavy Rain Succeeds

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Beyond: Two Souls has its story problems, and needs to learn the lessons of Heavy Rain.

Beyond: Two Souls – The Entire Game in Chronological Order (VIDEO)

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Our Mitchell Saltzman took a ton of time and refashioned Beyond: Two Souls in chronological order for your benefit.

Beyond: Two Souls Cheats


Check out the cheats list here to find the bonus unlockables, trophies, and more secrets.

Beyond: Two Souls Video Walkthrough


Why have Two Souls when you can have three? Get a helping hand from Game Front.

Beyond: Two Souls Review — Supernaturally Bad Storytelling


A note to would-be storytellers who might be inclined to find inspiration within Beyond: Two Souls, the latest work of…

Paging Gamers — Beyond: Two Souls Demo Now Live


I struggled to get through Heavy Rain due to its clumsy controls, so my big question about Quantic Dream’s Ellen…

Your Smartphone is a Controller in Beyond: Two Souls


Huh. I struggled through half of Heavy Rain before giving up on the clunky controls. Quantic Dream has admitted control…

Video Game Violence: The Sad, Limiting Standard


All our biggest games revolve around committing violence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Heavy Rain’s $100M Sales A Good Sign For The Future


Insane Lifetime movie/serial killer thriller Heavy Rain was, as it turns out, a great investment for Quantic Dream, and for…

Check Out The Beyond Comic-Con 2012 Panel


And enjoy the discussioning.

Beyond: Two Souls Is David Cage’s “Most Ambitious Game Yet”


But it’s still mostly a game of quick time events

Beyond: Two Souls Adds Two New Actors


Hope they liked getting little reflective balls glued to their faces.

Beyond: Two Souls E3 Trailer and Demo

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Ellen Page stares at a dude, then stuff explodes.