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Trials Fusion: Fire in the Deep DLC – Zudina Audio Logs Guide


Go for even more hidden collectibles in Trials Fusion with these nine log locations.

Trials Fusion: Fire in the Deep – Hunter of Secrets Challenge Guide


The new Fire in the Deep DLC for Trials Fusion brings even more weird challenges and Easter eggs, and we’re…

Mario Kart 8: Totaka’s Secret Song Easter Egg Discovered


A long-running Nintendo tradition is finally uncovered in Mario Kart 8.

The Crew: The Magical Unicorn Easter Egg Location


Car ownership is magic.

The Crew: Area 51 & Alien UFO Easter Egg Location


The truth is out there. Actually, it’s not that hard to find.

Proun Review

proun 3 thumb

This is one of those games you download and you feel cool for having discovered it.

DiRT 3 Review

dirt 3 thumb

It’s not an easy game to pick up, but DiRT 3 won’t disappoint fans and packs a pretty huge amount of rally racing content.

Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review


This game is crazy crazy.

Shift 2 Unleashed Review

Shift 4

Should you hit the track in Shift 2 Unleashed? Find out within.

Death Rally iOS Review

death rally thumb

Fifteen years after it’s original release, Remedy’s iPhone/iPad remake of the top-down racer Death Rally is good fun, but needs more features.

NASCAR 2011: The Game Review


We put the pedal to the metal and hope we don’t slam straight into the wall.

Gran Turismo 5 Review


It’s a racing game, innit?

Tron on Wii is Ugly

tron wii

The Wii’s light cycle multiplayer mode for Tron: Evolution is marred by visuals so ugly, you get confused about what you’re seeing.

Split/Second Review


Racing games have never been one of my favorite things, and I despise reality shows. Those two things taken together…

Gaming Today Impressions of ‘Burnout Paradise’

I’ve been a fan of racing games for some time now. Everything from the Gran Turismo Series to Project Gotham…

Gaming Today Reviews Project Gotham Racing 4

Heading into Project Gotham Racing 4, I expected a pretty standard fare; the established PGR formula of grinding away at…

Gaming Today Reviews Ducati World Championship

The powder blue sky and wispy clouds above floated pastorally by. I could see the hard black pavement ahead and…