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Prototype 2 Review

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Though it suffers a bit from openworlditis, Prototype 2 successfully gives you a ton of power and a huge city in which to use it.

Protoype 2 Gets In-Game Car Armor as a Pre-Order Bonus From Best Buy (TRAILER)

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As pre-order bonuses go, this seems worse than Mass Effect 3′s robot dog.

Aaaand Prototype 2′s PC Release Gets Delayed

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The date drops back from April 24 to July 24. Ouch.

Gross Tendrils Murder Everybody in Prototype 2 (TRAILER)

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Do the goo.

Radical Entertainment’s Chris Ansell Talks Prototype 2

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Hear a little about the game’s setting and its protagonist’s new and ludicrous powers.

Prototype 2 is Spectacularly Violent (PREVIEW)

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After viewing a video demo of an early Prototype 2 demo, we’re excited about how much ass-kicking James Heller can do in 2012.

Prototype 2′s Heller Pursues Mercer in E3 Trailer

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Get angry in Prototype 2, and then kill A LOT of guys.