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Bethesda: Rage AMD Drivers “Were Not Compiled Properly,” Fix Incoming

rage 2

They’re playing the blame game.

RAGE on PC and Consoles: A Graphical Comparison

rage console pc comparison thumb

You might have expected id Software to have worked harder on the PC version of RAGE. You’d be wrong, though.

RAGE on PC Fraught with Bugs; No Advanced Graphic Settings

rage ugly thumb

Insert a bad pun about gamers becoming angry because of RAGE.

Rage Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg [Video]


Mein lieben! Find gaming’s past hidden in gaming’s future.

Rage Easter Eggs


Don’t get mad looking for these crazy Easter Eggs, let Game Front find them for you.

RAGE Review (PS3)

rage review 2 thumb

Beautiful and with plenty of ability to kick ass, RAGE is a pretty fun experience, but not quite groundbreaking or spectacular.

PCs Projected to Outpace Consoles in Revenue Next Year (INFOGRAPHIC)

infographic gaming wars thumb

Lets look at some numbers.

Rage Walkthrough


Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light! Do not go gentle into that goodnight.

Rage Cheats


Despite all your Rage, you’re just a rat in a cage.

Rage Trophies


Rage against the machine.

Rage Achievements


Release your inner Rage.

Everything We Know About RAGE


Here we go.

Head to Jackal Valley in New RAGE Gameplay Trailer

rage jackal valley thumb

Another big chunk of a level explored to whet your appetite for RAGE’s release.

Willits Talks About Rage’s Insane PS3 Install and Why It Has Three Discs on 360


And I learned nothing.

The Best Video Card for RAGE


Looking to upgrade your video card for RAGE? Get the best bang for your buck.

New RAGE TV Spot Has Explosions and A Perfect Circle


Those two things just kinda go together, don’t they?

Rage Wasteland Legends Co-op Gameplay Trailer


It’s just gameplay.

Rage System Requirements

1282Rage_E32011_Mutant Armor

For your computer.

2011 Fall AAA Games Preview


There are a lot of games.

Rage Has a Tie-In Novel, and It’s Available Now

rage city

Somehow I missed that this existed.

On Last Night’s Breaking Bad, Bethesda’s Rage Is A Rail Shooter.



Check Out a Raid on a Gearhead Vault in RAGE (VIDEO)

rage 3 thumb

Lots of gameplay in this one.

What John Carmack Wants To See In the Next Generation of Game Consoles


Warning: tech speak incoming.

RAGE Dev: PS3 Version Uses All The Cores to Avoid Pop-Up

rage thumb

The hardware is maxed. Make sure you don’t leave your PS3 near anything that might catch fire.

RAGE HD on iOS is FREE For One Week! Download It!


That’s a whole $1.99 you don’t have to pay, just because id Software is nice.

Buy Rage New, Get Extra Content


Kinda like the Cerberus Network, except not.

Yet Another RAGE Trailer Discusses Games Art, Sounds (TRAILER)

rage city thumb

By the time this game comes out, there will be no need to play it, we’ve seen so many videos about it.

Is PC Gaming Making a Comeback?

minecraft penn station thumb

Ask Notch or Gabe Newell.

QuakeCon: Rage Screenshots


Looks sexy.

Carmack Frustrated That PC Has 10 Times the Power of Consoles


But it isn’t all moonlight and roses for the PC, either.

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