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Re-Dubz 17: The Real (Fake) Endings of Mass Effect 3 (VIDEO)

mass effect 3 reaper landing thumb

James analyzes the endings of Mass Effect 3 and spoils everything.

Re-Dubz #13: Adventures and Rage in RAGE


“The best thing that could happen is that someone puts a magnet up to my computer and erases this s–t.”

Re-Dubz #12: The ‘Which Platform’s Battlefield 3 Beta is Better’ Flamewar

re-dubz 12 thumb

PC vs. Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3. The fanboys square off.

Re-Dubz #11: Newbs Don’t Deserve Diablo III Beta Keys

diablo III thumb

We’re all thinking it. James just said it.

Re-Dubz #8: Regarding Diablo III’s Always-on DRM

diablo III thumb

A woman asks her boyfriend why he’s so annoyed about being connected to the Internet to play Diablo.

Re-Dubz #7 – Obama and Boner Find Common Ground

Screen shot 2011-08-08 at 2.57.34 PM

Can Cole Phelps can bring our divided government together?

Re-Dubz #5: Cole Phelps Takes on Rupert Murdoch (VIDEO)

la noire achievements thumb

“Crikey, looks like he died of natural causes.”