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Homeworld Remasters Launching Next Month


Gearbox will be releasing the Homeworld Remastered Collection on February 25th. The company confirmed the collection’s release date this past…

Homeworld Remastered Footage Coming This Weekend


You won't want to miss the Inside Gearbox Software panel this Sunday at 10:30 AM on — Homeworld…

Total War: Warhammer Inadvertently Revealed in Art Book


UPDATE: SEGA has responded to our request for comment, but only to decline to comment on the story. We’ll continue…

Good Old Reviews – Sacrifice


Editor’s Note: This review was originally published at The Escapist. Sacrifice is an interesting game. And I don’t mean that…

Uprising44: The Silent Shadows On Steam This Friday


Greenlit by the Steam Community, Uprising44: The Silent Shadows will be on sale on April 18th. Combining third-person view action…

I Love Artillery Games HTML5 Gaming Platform, Project Atlas RTS

Artillery Games Logo 140x

The days of downloading pesky browser game plugins are over…if Artillery Games has its way, that is. Artillery took the…

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Review


Worth the wait, or another Diablo 3-level disaster?

Stronghold HD Review


How does a 10-year old game hold up today?

Natural Selection 2 Review: Beautiful, Startling Complexity

natural selection 2 12 thumb

Natural Selection 2 promises a lot, and delivers on everything, bringing a marvelously deep multiplayer experience.

Divinity: Dragon Commander’s Coolest Feature: Political Marriages

divinity dragon commander 3 thumb

Political strategy, real-time strategy, role-playing elements, and dragons wearing jetpacks that slow down time.

Fire Up the End of Nations Beta on July 20, Here’s a Dev Diary

end of nations thumb

Get your RTS on in the closed beta.

Starcraft Multiplayer Unit Update – Protoss Looking OP


Tempests frighten me.

Company of Heroes 2 Gets an Official Press Release, More Info

company of heroes 2 thumb

We know what engine it’ll use.

Defenders of Ardania Mixes RTS Sensibilities with Tower Defense (PREVIEW)

defenders of ardania 1 thumb

The foundation is tower defense, but adding elements like attacking, leveling up, hero units and magic makes Defenders of Ardania pretty deep.

Daily Independent: Ready Your Towers in Genre-Mixing RTS Revenge of the Titans

revenge of the titans di thumb

As always, Earth needs your protection, so use your resources wisely and limber up your clicking finger.

Shogun 2 Review (Part II)

5330Shogun 2 Final Logo

The second half of our in-depth Shogun 2 review.

Shogun 2 Review (Part I)


Find out what life as a Daimyo is really like.

StarFront: Collision Review

starfront thumb

Despite being a ludicrously blatant StarCraft rip-off, Gameloft has still brought a high degree of skill and polish to its iPhone sci-fi RTS, and it performs well because of it.

Freespace: Evolution (Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Mod) Released


That’s a lot of colons. Also, we’re impressed by the idea of converting RTT to RTS.

Dungeons Review


It’s not Dungeon Keeper 3, but you could easily mistake it for that.

R.U.S.E. Review


We get our hands on Eugen Systems’ newest strategy title, R.U.S.E. Does it check in with battlefield glory, or leave you stranded in the dust?

Starcraft II Review


We’ve been depriving ourselves of sleep to play Starcraft II, and now we’ve got our review for your reading enjoyment. Here’s a hint: It’s DAMN good.

Impression: Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath Developer: EA LA Publisher: Electronic Arts Price: $29.99 Platform: PC, Xbox 360 (June 2008)…