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MMO Shooter Firefall Launches After Troubled Development

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After years of turmoil, Firefall has finally released to Steam. Read back on the game’s history and its lengthy, troubled development.

Firefall’s Long-Awaited Launch Coming July 29


It’s been almost four years since Firefall was announced at PAX Prime 2010, and we’re finally getting an official release…

GameFront Podcast 22: April Fools, Amazon Fire TV, Elder Scrolls Online

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The week’s news, in discussion form!

No-Win Situation: The Troubled History of Firefall, Part 3

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In Part 3 of our look at Red 5 Studios, we run down the history of the “Mobile Gaming Unit” and what has happened after Mark Kern left the job of CEO.

No-Win Situation: The Troubled History of Firefall, Part 2


This is a second of our three-part series on Firefall creator Red 5 Studios. The names of sources found in…

No-Win Situation: The Troubled History of Firefall, Part 1


After seven years of development, layoffs, firings, design changes and the removal of developer Red 5 Studios’ CEO, Mark Kern, MMO shooter Firefall still has not seen official release. GameFront delves into the history of the studio to find out why.

Red 5 Nets $23 Million to Keep Firefall on Track for 2014

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A new stock deal infuses Red 5 with approximately $23 million, and the developer says Firefall is on pace for its slated 2014 official release.

Game Front Podcast #15: Red 5, Activision/Marvel And 2014


Welcome to the first Game Front podcast of 2014. With so much hype and possibly cool games to look forward…

Red 5 Board Votes Out Co-Founder Mark Kern As CEO (UPDATE)


The last of Red 5 Studios’ founding members, Mark Kern has been voted out as a member of the board of directors and the company’s CEO.

Firefall Beta Impressions: Soaring Above Expectations


Firefall makes a genuine effort to be a fantastic open-world game, and succeeds.

Firefall Introduces Sweeping Changes in Latest Patch


Firefall reinvents itself yet again.

Firefall Launches Second Public Beta Weekend Friday

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Sign up to play some Firefall on Friday.

Firefall Gets a Public Beta Weekend Starting Jan. 25

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You get 48 hours of jetpacks and aliens this weekend.

Firefall Beta Impressions: Everything’s Better With Jetpacks

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Firefall’s dedication to combat, coupled with jetpacks, make it a fun answer to the common MMO.

Sign Up for Firefall Beta Weekends, Starting Today

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Try the game out this weekend.

Red 5 Lays Out Latest Patch Notes for Firefall

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Halloween stuff!

Geekdom Celebrities Joining Red 5 for Firefall Livestreams

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Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton are all turning out.

Firefall Preview: The Mystery of Monetization Revealed


This beta be good…

Firefall System Requirements Released


Beef up people.

Firefall Won’t Have Traditional Leveling System (VIDEO)

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Character improvements are getting an overhaul in Red 5′s upcoming MMO shooter.

Compete for a Trip to PAX East By Making the Best Firefall Trailer

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It also includes new, never-before-released Firefall footage that you can access even without making a trailer out of it.

Gaming Community Joins SOPA Protests With Jan. 18 Blackouts

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The list of SOPA protesters grows longer. Do your part Jan. 18.

Firefall – PAX Prime 2011 Fan Reactions


A little taste of what you missed if you couldn’t make it to PAX Prime this year.

Free-to-Play Shooter Firefall Looks Like Tribes: Team Fortress (TRAILER)

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A fact that has me excited.