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Outlast: The Whistleblower DLC Review: Leaner, More Disturbing

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The prequel/sequel DLC to last year’s first-person horror title Outlast is a leaner take on the original’s scares, and can get pretty disturbing.

Prepare Your Bowels: Outlast DLC Murders You May 6

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We have an official date for Outlast’s story-completing DLC pack, as well as a price tag.

Outlast DLC ‘Whistleblower’ Due in April

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We’ve got a release date and some more details about Outlast’s upcoming prequel DLC.

Outlast Walkthrough Part 1: Watch How Fear Incapacitates Mitch


Game Front’s own Mitchell Saltzman doesn’t much care for horror games. Mainly because he doesn’t like being scared sh*tless. That’s…

Outlast Review: An Uncompromising Horror Vision

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Outlast never coddles its players and it makes no qualms about being gory, disturbing, and intense. Horror fans, you’ll like this one.

Outlast Preview – Hide and Seek With Madmen

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There was a new demo of Outlast at PAX Prime 2013. It seems to have been as scary as the last one.

Outlast Preview: Amnesia: Dark Descent Made Red Barrels Believe

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With Amnesia attaining financial viability without including combat, Red Barrels found it could make the horror game it wanted to create.

Outlast PAX East Hands-On: Jumping Right Out of the Booth


Red Barrels delivers the scariest game of PAX East.

Survival Horror Title Outlast Locks You in the Asylum (TRAILER)

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Looks scary.