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Rockstar Games Founders To Be Inducted To AIAS Hall Of Fame

Rockstar Games Logo 140x

The 17th annual DICE Awards take place on February 6th, and this year’s Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences honorees…

Red Dead Redemption Fan Film Captures Old Western Aesthetic


A few good fans of Red Dead Redemption have created a short film in tribute to the aforementioned game. Production…

Rockstar San Diego Reportedly Helping With GTA V


But of course this clarifies exactly nothing.

Favorite Video Game Glitch Videos


Glitches gone wild.

Rockstar San Diego Job Listings Confirm New, Untitled Open World Game


Unfortunately, nothing else is known.

You Got Your Steampunk in My Xbox Controller (PICS)

steampunk xbox controller thumb

You have to put a key in this controller to work it. How deliciously old.

Dead Rising: Off The Record Review


Largely hobbled by load times, lousy AI and the recycled plot, it’s almost saved by new Sandbox mode. But not quite.

Not Likely We’ll See Red Dead Redemption on PC


Rockstar pretty much rules it out.

Walkthrough Weekend: Gears of War 3, Dead Island, Resistance 3 and More!


So many games! Join Game Front on a journey through the biggest games of September.

Rockstar Confirms Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition

red dead fight a bear thumb

Mark your calendar: Oct. 11 is when you can get the game and all the DLC in one shot.

Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks DLC Guide


Return to Red Dead Redemption with this free DLC.

New Red Dead Redemption — Myths and Mavericks DLC Screenshots


Caution: Contains Cowpokes.

Happy International Beer Day! Here are 5 Awesome Drunk Gaming Moments

commander shepard drinking

Drink every time someone gets drunk!

Meet Hatsune Miku, and 5 Other Digital Characters We’d Like to See in Concert

hatsune miku

This is the silliest thing I’ve said all week!

New Free Red Dead Redemption DLC Coming Soon

red dead fight a bear

Well I certainly do feel appreciated.

Naughty Dog Wants Uncharted 3 to be Playstation 3 Multiplayer Standard

uncharted 3 thumb

The developer also says it didn’t put enough time into the development of Uncharted 2′s multiplayer.

Rockstar and Take Two Casting Call Offers Possible GTA V Clues


Kind of. Sort of. Maybe? Possibly. And you can quote us on that. I think.

Researchers Wonder If Games Before Bed Screws With Your Sleepytime

Undead-Nightmare thumb

Stop crying, sissies. Sleep is for the weak — just ask Phil Owen.

GDC 11: Top Ten Best Moments of the GDCA and IGF Awards


Even better than the Tonys!

GDC 11: Awards Ceremony Recap


A night of prizes and pride at the GDC Awards.

Don’t Listen to Podcasts While Playing Red Dead Redemption


No, really, don’t do it.

Massive Rockstar, 2K Sale on XBLA This Week

red dead fight a bear thumb

Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IV, Bioshock 2, Mafia II and Borderlands all have DLC on sale this week.

Snag Undead Nightmare, Other Games From Amazon Goldbox Today

red dead thumb

A bunch of video game-related stuff is going to be discounted in’s lightning deals today.

Call of Duty Multiplayer Now ‘Unplayable’, Thanks To PS3 Hack


So, about 5 seconds of being really impressed before the a$$h0les outnumbered everyone else. Better than with The White Stripes I guess.

These are the Top-Selling Games of 2010 (in the USA)


Hot and fresh out the NPD kitchen.

Red Dead Redemption Gets a Big Title Update

red dead thumb

Rockstar grabbed some bug spray and is fixing up Red Dead Redemption.

Size Matters: On Game Length, Price and Value

power loader thumb

No one wants to admit it, but game length matters. Gamers have to show developers short games (and needlessly long, boring ones) won’t fly.

GameFront 2010: Most Anticipated Games of 2011


These are the games you’d murder a drifter to get your hands on early, if you knew you wouldn’t get caught.

Gamefront 2010: Funniest Games


It’s naht a humah!

Former Rockstar Employee Blogs About His Terrible Experience


SPOILER ALERT: it’s 1984 meets Office Space.

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