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Nordic Buys Red Faction, Ross Is Worried [UPDATE]

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This is the dictionary definition of good news/bad news.

Darksiders, Red Faction, Other IPs Available in Second THQ Auction

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April will see the start of another round of THQ IP sell-offs.

Why Don’t Gamers Finish Games?


An analysis of the mythical 10 percent completion rate and whether shorter games is the answer.

THQ Stock Rises 40% Thanks to Humble Bundle


THQ’s CEO and president contributed $2650.

Red Faction Series 75% Off On Steam ‘Til 4 PM PST


So hurry.

Ex Employee Blasts THQ In Letter To Board, Press


If THQ’s fortunes are currently in doubt, this angry screed may offer insight into why.

Walkthrough Weekend: Gears of War 3, Dead Island, Resistance 3 and More!


So many games! Join Game Front on a journey through the biggest games of September.

Walkthrough Weekend: Deus Ex, Bodycount, Call of Duty DLC, and more!


Take a walk with Game Front — through the latest and greatest games.

Walkthrough Weekend: Shadow of the Colossus, Toy Soldiers, El Shaddai, and more!


Shadows, Soldiers, and Shaddai — sit down with Game Front’s greatest walkthroughs this weekend.

THQ Closing Two Studios, Laying Off 200

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The company is tightening its focus and unloading licensed games.

Walkthrough Weekend: Catherine, From Dust, DLC, and More!


Everybody walkthrough the weekend.

DLC Pack Brings New Missions to Red Faction: Armageddon (TRAILER)

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Learn what happened before the Armageddon part.

Red Faction Is Over

red faction armageddon

No more Red Faction ever.

Walkthrough Weekend: Call of Juarez, Captain America, and More!


Walkthroughs, walkthroughs everywhere. And not a drop to drink.

Walkthrough Weekend: Ms. ‘Splosion Man, Harry Potter, and More!


More walkthroughs, more weekends, more madness!

Walkthrough Weekend: Annihilation DLC, Uncharted 3 Beta, and More!

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Declare Independence from dying.

Where to Find Mr. Toots in Red Faction: Armageddon (VIDEO)

red faction mr toots

You’ll have to search around a little, unless you use our guide.

Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough


Survive the Martian armageddon.

OnLive Heading to the UK This Fall


Y’all’ll finally be able to see what the fuss is all about.

Red Faction: Armageddon Cheats


Learn how to Armageddominate.

Red Faction: Armageddon Review

M1_battle thumb

Smart, strategic and expansive destruction sets Armageddon apart from other third-person shooters.

Unicorn Farts Wreak Havoc on Red Faction: Armageddon

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Mr. Toots collapses buildings with volatile rainbow gas.

Red Faction: Armageddon: The First 30 Minutes Hands-On Preview

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Early-stage Red Faction action.

OnLive Demo Lets You Play the First 30 Minutes of Red Faction: Armageddon

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And it’s free, since there’s no subscription fee.

‘Take On’ Red Faction: Armageddon with Sketch Mode (TRAILER)

red faction take on me thumb

Things that are awesome: blowing stuff up; ’80s pop music. Find both here.

Red Faction: Armageddon Looks Cinematic, Monster-Laden (TRAILER)

red faction armageddon thumb

Get ready for one-liners and ass-kicking.

Red Faction Stuntmen Mo-Cap (Video)


Voice actor, mo-cap artist, and stunt man all in one — I hope these guys get three paychecks.

Grab Red Faction: Armageddon Through OnLive, Get Free Micro Console

onlive thumb

Here’s a great deal if you’re interested in giving OnLive a shot.

SyFy’s Red Faction: Origins Isn’t As Cheap Looking As I Thought (Video)


So long as it’s Battlestar Galactica quality special effects.

Red Faction Armageddon Demo Walkthrough


See Red Faction in action!

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