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Resistance 3 – Urgent Fury Revolution Tournament Trailer


Play Resistance 3 for fun and profit!

Resistance 3′s Cover Art Will Be Reversible, Awesome

resistance 3 reversible cover

I will definitely reverse my cover.

A Developer Other Than Insomniac Might Do Resistance 4



Motorstorm: Apocalypse Replaces Resistance 3 in Playstation 3D TV Bundle

playstation tv

Awwwwwwwwwww, man.

Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Panel Recap


Why Resistance 3 will play more like Fall of Man and what’s the deal with Insomniac’s browser-based MMO?

Resistance 3 Beta Starts Next Week

resistance 3

But not for everyone.

F2P of the Day: Global Resistance


Resistance is NOT futile.

Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Beta Date Announced


Excitement is…irresistible.

Sony Announces Comic-Con Lineup


Panels galore!

Sony Confirms That Whole PSN Pass Thing

Resistance 3

So buy new, you cheap bastard. jkjk

What the Hell is the PSN Pass?

psn pass

Nobody knows.

A Gallery of Resistance 3 Screenshots


Some Old West-looking s–t in here.

Resistance 3 Gets a Sharpshooter Bundle

resistance 3


Sony Announces Playstation-Branded 3D TV Bundle


And it’s got a pretty good price.

Pick from a Bunch of Preorder Incentives for Resistance 3

resistance 3 thumb

Choose which retail corporation gets your $60.

Resistance 3 Box Art Appears


It’s designed by British artist Olly Moss.

5 Minutes With Resistance 3 Lead Writer John Paquette (Interview)


Inside, we talk about level design, Cormac McCarthy and the average person’s reaction to apocalypse.

Some Pretty Awesome Resistance 3 Screens

resistance 3 wow

Is this real life?

Hands On with Resistance 3

R3 1

We got our hands on the next chapter in the Resistance series at Sony’s Media Day in LA. Come on in and find out just what the Chimera have in store for you this time around.

New Resistance 3 ‘Boat Level’ Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)


Over 7 minutes of gameplay footage!

Sony E3 Details Leaked? (RUMOR)


Could this be Sony’s big leak this year – all their E3 plans made public?

Resistance 3 VGA Trailer Director’s Cut


See the Resistance 3 VGAs trailer as it was intended to be seen.

VGA 2010: Resistance 3 Trailer

resistance 3 thumb

It’s on a boat.

Spike TV and Philo Team Up for VGAs


Watch the VGA trailers and possibly win a Kinect prize package while earning badges.

New Resistance 3 Shots Revealed on Facebook


Insomniac is whetting our appetite for Resistance 3 with a few new screens they snuck out on Facebook.

GameFront 2010: The Year in Live-Action Game Ads


Live-action games ads are the best ads because they’re amazingly evasive. They sorta tell you about the game without really…

Newest Game Informer Reveals Resistance 3 Details


Wondering what’s new in Resistance 3? We’ve got a rundown of the reveals in the latest Game Informer right here for your reading pleasure.

First Resistance 3 Images? If So, They Look Amazing.


Are these the first concept art and screens for Resistance 3? If so, Insomniac has definitely got our attention.

Resistance 3 Launch Confirmed for 2011


Insomniac confirms that Resistance 4 will be released next year, and that they will not be showing the game at PAX Prime this year.

Resistance 3 Teaser Trailer


Insomniac Games has just rolled out a first look at the Resistance 3 universe. Check out the live-action video in this post.

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