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Playstation 4 Review: An Upgrade You Can Wait On

playstation 4 console review thumb

The Playstation 4 is a pretty huge improvement over the PS3, but you might not need to make the plunge until there’s more to play and some bugs are ironed out.

James vs. Games — Saving The Last Humans in Resogun

james v games

Resogun seems to be the best liked of the PlayStation 4 exclusive launch games, and for good reason: it’s super…

Resogun: How to Save All Humans – Humanist Trophy Guide


Like John Freeman, become a savior of humans.

Resogun: How to Get 15x Multiplier – (10+1.5+3.5) Trophy Guide


Go big or go home.

Resogun Review – Defender For A New Age


Whether for free or for $15, Resogun is the best value among the PS4′s launch lineup

One More Trailer for PS4′s Best Reviewed Launch Game

Resogun (5)

The PlayStation 4 will have two high profile exclusives at launch, Guerrilla’s Killzone: Shadow Fall and Japan Studio’s Knack. And…