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Trion Launching DRM-Free Digital Gaming Store, Glyph


Trion Worlds is getting a little in its system. The developer and publisher of Rift and Defiance has announced…

RIFT is Now Free-to-Play


The MMORPG from Trion Games is now free-to-play.

Rift Goes Free-To-Play: The End Of An Era

RIFT: Storm Legion

Rift’s move to free-to-play marks the end of the subscription MMO

Huge Layoffs At Trion Worlds: Defiance’s Fault


It was a bold experiment, but some experiments bear rotten fruit.

Why MMO Dungeons Are Irrelevant & 5 Ways to Change Them


MMO dungeon crawls aren’t quite as engaging as the ones you go through with pen and paper.

RIFT Executive Producer Scott Hartsman Leaves Trion


Rift to go F2P now?

Trion Worlds On Rift Lifetime Subs: ‘Nope, Never’

rift lightning thumb

It makes sense.

The Rift: Storm Legion Open Beta Starts Next Week

rift storm legends preorder thumb

So get ready.

RIFT Server Mergers in Preparation of Storm Legion


A storm is brewing.

RIFT 1.11 Tempest Rising Update Announced


In anticipation of Storm Legion.

Rift Will Help Protect Pandas. No, Not Pandarians, Real Pandas.

rift storm legends preorder thumb

This is totally coincidental.

RIFT: Storm Legion Gets November Release Date, Pre-Order Deets

rift storm legends preorder thumb

Get your money ready.

RIFT Preparing for Faction Unification and PvP Normalization


Bridging the rift.

The MMO is Not Just a Genre


Massive open worlds do not begin and end with Warcraft.

Oculus Rift VR Headset’s Kickstarter Exploding (In a Good Way)

oculus featured

Virtual Boy this isn’t. Hopefully.

RIFT is Free This Weekend to Returning Players

rift lightning thumb

Come back to RIFT. They’ve got cookies.

Defiance Hands-On: If RIFT Were A Sci-Fi FPS


You got your FPS in my MMO. No, no — I didn’t say “remove it.”

RIFT: The Next Evolution in Boss Battles


The bigger they come, the better the loot.

Trion Trademarks Possible Rift-Related “Storm Legion”


Possible. We emphasize possible.

Game Front’s Guide to E3 (GRAPHIC)


Check out the games of E3.

PSA: Test The Latest Rift PvP, ‘Conquest’, This Thursday


3 new factions, and a huge amount of room to use them.

Can’t Wait for RIFT to Finish Downloading? Stream It

Rift 1.7Thumb

Great news for the patience-impaired.

RIFT Developers Answer Community Questions


Closing the rift between player questions and developer knowledge.

21,879 Marriages in Rift on Valentine’s Day — Guinness World Record


They say 50% of marriages end in PvP…

PvP Buffs Coming to RIFT


Some inspired by SWTOR.

RIFT Hits Origin along with 10 Other Publishers


Origin is building up steam. Ahem.

New Rift 1.7 Patch Provides Endgame Loot, Wedding Bells

Rift 1.7

It’s Riftastic!

Rift Subscriptions Get Discounts


They really want you to keep playing.

Rift Seeking Guilds to Test Raids


It doesn’t matter if you’re not “the best.”

MMO Round-Up: How the Big Names Are Competing with TOR’s Launch


You’ll never guess what WoW is doing.

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