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Watch The League Of Legends Champion Spotlight: Zyra Trailer


And she’s a sexy plant.

League of Legends Developer Starts Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

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Spend Riot Points on LoL champion Jax and the money goes to a non-profit.

Domain Regs Suggests League Of Legends To Get Supremacy Mode


So, too bad people who considered squatting that.

PC Gaming Grew 15%, Earned 18b In 2011


That’s a steep increase.

League of Legends Now Has 11.5 Million Active Players — Which is More Than WoW (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Other interesting statistics contained within.

Fight Like a Champion with League of Legends’ Vayne (VIDEO)

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Learn how to school opponents with (or avoid being schooled by) Vayne and her incessant rolling.

League of Legends April Fools Urfrider Corki Trailer (Video)


Sad thing is, I actually want a killer manatee.

Riot Games Considering Hiring ‘World of Starcraft’ Modder

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A cool, well-made idea might lead to an awesome opportunity for one creative, hard-working modder. Well done, Internet. Also the guy who actually did all the work.

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