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Game Front Podcast #18: Interpreting Mass Effect, Xbox Rumor

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Rumor has it a new Xbox One SKU is coming; Contributor Phil Owen runs down why he wanted to delve back into Mass Effect; and more.

Robotoki Adds Video Division, Aims to Build Community


Studio Head Robert Bowling explains Robotoki’s new Entertainment division, which will create original content outside the scope of its game, Human Element.

Bowling ‘Didn’t Think About’ Risk In Confronting Robotoki Burglar


The front door of Robotoki’s Los Angeles studio Thursday morning, after two men broke the security glass in a burglary…

Robotoki Office Experiences Brief Break-In


Once arguably the human face of Call of Duty, Robert Bowling is finding that life in the indie space with…

Human Element Prequels Coming to Open Ouya Console

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Ouya gets its first exclusive title.

INTERVIEW: Robert Bowling Loves New Super Mario Bros. U

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After seven years as the public face of the Modern Warfare series, Robert Bowling made the gaming industry drop its…

Robert Bowling Founds New Studio, Robotoki


They’re developing IP for the next generation of consoles.