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GF Podcast 56: Evolve Hands-on, Hotline Miami 2 Drama


We’ve been playing the hell out of 2K Games’ early press preview of Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios’ four-on-one multiplayer shooter,…

Rock Band: The Shooter — Harmonix Reveals Chroma


Harmonix, the studio that brought us Rock Band and Dance Central, is setting its musical, rhythm-based sights on the shooter…

Rock Band Blitz – How to Score Big and Get Gold Stars [Video]


Blitz the leaderboards with these expert tips and tricks.

Is Harmonix Working On A Combat Game?


Because that would be really weird.

James and Mitch Rock Out with Rock Band Blitz

rock band blitz

Sadly their band broke up after a coke-fueled water balloon fight.

Rock Band Blitz Announced, Silly


Sorry, but it’s true.

9 Non-Double Fine Kickstarter Projects Worth Your Attention

kickstarter thumb

There are plenty of other cool-sounding video games looking for a little crowd-sourced funding. Here are nine you should check out.

Viacom Owes Harmonix over $383 Million


Where’s my money?

Watch The Untold Story of Rock Band (Video)


Because who doesn’t love a little Karaoke and Rhythm gaming on Black Friday?

Rumor: Activision Kills Guitar Hero, DJ Hero Series

guitar-hero-slash thumb

Eurogamer is reporting that Activision is making deep layoffs to Freestyle Games, and that True Crime also is among the casualties.

Get a Few EA iDevice Games for a Big Discount Today

rock band reloaded thumb

Grab a few of EA’s big games, including Rock Band Reloaded, Madden NFL 11 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat, while they’re on sale today.

Play Rock Band with Friends Over Verizon’s 4G Network

rock band mobile thumb

Verizon’s pushing its new super-fast 4G LTE network, and EA showed off its capabilities at CES 2011 with a new Rock Band title.

New Rock Band 3 DLC Not Compatible With Rock Band 1 and 2


DLC is one of the pillars of Rock Band’s offering. Unfortunately, new DLC won’t work for those who don’t own the newest title.

Harmonix to Reach Rock Band Milestone Next Week


Rock Band creators Harmonix are about to reach a huge milestone on the DLC front next week with the release of “Are You Experienced” by Jimi Hendrix.

Rock Band Getting More Disturbed


Harmonix is rolling new Rock Band tracks for next week, and half of them are straight off the upcoming Disturbed album.

New Bands Join Rock Band in DLC

rock band

The Decemberists, dc Talk, Eagles of Death Metal, Blondie – the new Rock Band 2 downloadable track pack available on Tuesday certainly has variety.

Rock Band Gets Creedence Clearwater Revival

The size of Rock Band’s DLC catalog has officially reached staggering. According to the Rock Band music page, you can…

Rock Band Getting Pantera DLC Next Week

If you’ve been waiting for more metal in your Rock Band like I have, next week’s offerings are bound to…

Rock Band Unplugged DLC: Little Bit Country, Little Bit Rock n’ Roll

This week’s Rock Band Unplugged DLC is quite an eccentric mix with a little of everything from Stevie Ray Vaughan…

Green Day and Rockstar Mayhem Headed for Rock Band

Tracks from Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown release will be coming to the Rock Band and Rock Band 2 Wii…

Pearl Jam, Mission of Burma, Lacuna Coil Dominate Rock Band 2 Wii Tracks

This week’s Rock Band 2 Music Store tracks update features Pearl Jam, Mission of Burma, Lacuna Coil and The Offspring….

NIN, Dead Kennedys, Weezer Headed for Rock Band DLC

This week, Rock Band fans that play on the Wii can look forward to more tracks from Nine Inch Nails,…

Warped Tour, Maroon 5 Tracks Coming Rock Band

EA is releasing DLC from the 2009 Warped Tour for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. There are five master…

This Week On PSN: Metal Gear Solid

As if two new Metal Gear titles at E3 weren’t enough, Sony’s now bringing the undisputed champ of the Metal…

Rockin’ Out with Your Twang Out – Rock Band Country Tracks Revealed

Not every hardcore Rock Band junkie is a metal and alt rock junkie it seems, so Harmonix is releasing more…

Rock Band Wii Welcomes Iron Maiden, Tokio Hotel, Disturbed in Catalog Update

Rock Band for the Wii is closing in on Xbox and PS3 versions as the big Iron Maiden update releases…

Play With Madness: Iron Maiden Coming to Rock Band

Run for your life, Iron Maiden is coming to Rock Band June 9th for the Xbox 360 and Wii and…

Rock Band Unplugged Makes Tracks for Stores

Rock Band officially goes on the road as Rock Band Unplugged for the PSP hits stores in North America and…

Duran Duran Heading to Rock Band Wii DLC

Rock Band Wii is finally getting 25 more original master recordings including some of the classics that Xbox 360 and…

PlayStation Store Update November 20th

Undoubtedly the highlight of this week’s PlayStation Store update (which, once again, ignores PSP owners altogether) is the release of…

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