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LA Times And Rockstar Games’ Interactive Crime Map Of 1947 LA


Look here see, we’re all going to talk like 40′s detectives, ya hear?

Rockstar and Mullholland Books Releasing ‘L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories’


The anthology of stories inspired by the upcoming crime thriller game looks pretty cool.

LA Noire Achievements

la noire achievements thumb

This list suggests some good times in old Los Angeles.

L.A. Noire: “Rising Through the Ranks” (Video)


Get a detailed look at how players will progress through L.A. Noire, and at Team Bondi’s amazing recreation of postwar Los Angeles.

Watch The L.A. Noire TV Spot (VIDEO)


Only 35 more shopping days until society shuts down while everyone plays this thing.

Watch L.A. Noire Offical Trailer 3#


¡Ahora con subtítulos españoles!

L.A. Noire Box Art Revealed


And it’s actually really cool.

Watch LA Noire: Orientation


Enjoy the first trailer showcasing the Ellroy-influenced crime thriller’s gameplay.

Student Game Devs Invited To Create Game For 2014 Commonwealth games


Scotch, video games, and Camera Obscura. Is there anything Scotland isn’t awesome at?

L.A. Noire Trailer, Release Date Leaked (VIDEO)

la noire 2

An accidentally published YouTube video gives us some new info into one of 2011′s most anticipated games.

Rockstar Confirms L.A. Noire Spring 2011 Release Via Substance-Free Tweet


Looks like Rockstar has perfected the art of link Trolling. And so have we. Non-details inside!

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