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Dissecting the New GTA V Trailer


Pass me the scalpel. Now, pass me the rocket launcher.

Steam Summer Sale Brings the Pain to Gamers’ Wallets Everywhere

steam thumb

Look at these deals! Oh God, nooooooooo!

Snag L.A. Noire on Amazon Today for $20 Off (UPDATED)

la noire thumb

If you don’t have this game yet, now’s a pretty good time to correct that oversight.

GameFront Round Table: LA Noire


The GameFront staff nerd out for many, many hours on the impact of LA Noire.

New Old Study Suggests Violent Games Desensitize, Increase Aggression

grand theft auto 4 thumb

It’s basically a do-over of a 2005 study, with the same results.

Remembering Police Quest 4: LA Noire’s Angry, Racist Uncle


Imagine if LA Noire took the side of police corruption. Using 1993 graphics technology. Click to see the video.

LA Noire Review


Noire raises the bar.

L.A. Noire Landmarks Guide

la noire landmarks thumb

Map all of 1940s Los Angeles with the help of our growing guide.

Red Dead Redemption Gets a Big Title Update

red dead thumb

Rockstar grabbed some bug spray and is fixing up Red Dead Redemption.

Details on Red Dead Redemption’s Zombie DLC, Liars and Cheats Trailer

Red Dead Redemption

Poker, horse racing and zombies – not exactly an authentic cowboy experience, but an awesome one.

GTA V May or May Not Be Heading to Hollywood


Rumor rumor speculation rumor rumor rumor.

Weirdly, 157 Millenia Have Passed Since Red Dead Redemption Came Out in May

“What the hell does that mean, troll?” you ask, full of spite. I’m glad you asked, even if you were…

Awesome Up Your Living Room With This Red Dead Poster

Posters are great. If I weren’t an enormous cheap-ass and generally lazy I would have posters everywhere in my apartment….

Surprise! More DLC for Red Dead Will Exist Someday

You didn’t think, after the two enormous Episodes from Liberty City that Rockstar would only support their latest AAA title…

Max Payne 3 Gets Bumped

Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 had been set for release sometime in Take-Two’s fourth quarter in fiscal year 2010, which ends…

Rockstar Helps With Your Friday Blues

Today being Friday can make work feel like a drag. I, for example, just wanna grab a burger and then…

Red Dead Patch Coming, Co-op Missions Get a Date

Remember when you picked up your copy of Red Dead Redemption and inside was a card that said some co-op…

Red Dead Redemption Short Film Hits FOX This Weekend

Just to prove that Red Dead Redemption is truly everywhere right now, it looks like FOX will be airing a…

Grab Episodes From Liberty City for $10 Off Today

Rockstar’s been in the news a lot lately thanks to Red Dead Redemption, but you shouldn’t forget that they released…

Rockstar’s New Steam Patches Might Be Breaking Games

That was pretty funny a couple weeks back when it turned out Rockstar was using a dead pirate group’s no-DVD…

Rockstar Developer Says Parents Buying Their Games For Kids Are "Terrible Parents"

Hardly a week goes by without someone in the media talking about the dangers that video games pose to malleable,…

Rockstar Addressing Red Dead Redemption Invisibility Bug

Like most everyone else, I’ve been playing Red Dead Redemption daily since it released Tuesday, and it’s a blast. However,…

Rockstar Rolls Out Red Dead Redemption T-Shirts

It’s only about 12 hours to the midnight release of Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s Wild West tour de force, and…

Michael Pachter Says Microsoft Paid $75 Million for GTA IV

Eurogamer had an interview with Michael Pachter, forecaster extraordinnaire, and they talked about lots of stuff. Lots of stuff. You’ve…

Red Dead Redemption My Name is John Marston Trailer

This sneak peak at next year’s highly-anticipated open-world western adventure sheds the first light on Redemption’s gritty, action-packed narrative.

Game Sales Tumbled in May

The latest NPD numbers are out now, and it’s official: the industry is taking a major hit compared to last…

New Max Payne Not Marky Mark-Like

After a dreadful game to movie conversion for the “noirish” Max Payne, it looks like a recently leaked cover of…

Columnist Targets Violent Videogames for Promoting Acceptance of Torture

Just a minute, I’ve got to adjust my soapbox before I talk about comparing playing violent videogames with accepting torture….

GTA: Chinatown Wars Featured on Rockstar Games Social Club

Starting May 1st, Rockstar Games Social Club will be hosting GTA: Chinatown Wars week, and giving owners of the DS…

GameStop Offers Exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Upgrade with Pre-Order

Game stop is offering cold hard Liberty City cash to gamers pre-ordering Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. All takers will…

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