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The Talos Principle Traps Pirates in an Elevator


Croteam has taken an interesting approach to punishing those who pirate The Talos Principle: trapping them in an in-game elevator….

Batman Infiltrates Ace Chemicals in New Arkham Knight Trailer

Arkham Knight Logo

Rocksteady and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment have released the first part of a new video series showcasing the gameplay of…

Arkham City Reveals Three Year Old Easter Egg


Rocksteady has a habit of developing video game Easter Eggs that no one will find for ages. So it’s no…

Batman: Arkham Knight Dev Aims for Visual ‘Parity’ Across Platforms


Batman: Arkham Knight will have the same visual quality across platforms. That, at least, is the target of the game’s…

Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Release Date, Two Collectors Editions

Batman Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition

We still have a year before Batman: Arkham Knight finally launches, which is frustrating for those wanting to zipline around…

Microsoft Leaks Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date

batman arkham knight

Batman: Arkham Knight will be releasing on February 24, 2015. That, at least, will the case if a date recently…

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Battle Mode Trailer


Okay, Rocksteady has shown us quite a few images of what Batman’s armor will look like in Batman: Arkham Knight….

Batman: Arkham Knight Debut Screenshots (Gallery)


The last title of the Arkham series has been announced. Batman: Arkham Knight will include a “who’s who” of Batman…

Batman Arkham Origins Cold, Cold Heart DLC Trailer


Mr. Freeze emerges as the new villain in the latest DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins, “Cold, Cold Heart”. The Cold,…

Batman: Arkham Knight’s New Villain Revealed


Arkham Knight isn’t just the title of Rocksteady’s upcoming game, it’s the name of the new addition to Batman’s rogues’…

It’s Official — Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight Revealed


Update: As promised, here’s the new trailer. It shows off several iconic villains, as well as a shiny new Batmobile….

Dark Knight Returns — Retailer Leaks Batman: Arkham Knight


We were expecting Warner Brothers to make a big announcement soon, but it appears UK retailer Game beat the publisher…

Arkham Asylum/City Writer Not Returning for Another Batman Game


Assuming there will be one. (There will be one.)

Arkham Asylum Steam Keys Broken by DRM

arkham asylum bane thumb

DRM: The ultimate villain.

Holy Toledo! New Rocksteady Batman Game Set in the 50′s


Three words: DLC Shark Repellent.

Game Front Parties It Up At Nvidia’s GTX Meetup


Free booze. New video cards. Is this heaven?

Arkham City PC Patch Fixes Corrupt Saves


Holy Patch Notes, Batman!

Rumored Rocksteady TMNT Title Debunked… Anonymously


Well that was quick. Remember yesterday, when we brought news that Rocksteady, makers of the Batman: Arkham series was rumored…

Batman: Arkham City Challenge Map Pack Goes Live (TRAILER)

arkham city joker's carnival thumb

Get ready to pound some guys in the Batcave.

5 Games We’d Love to See Released in 2012, But Won’t Be

assassin's creed revelations troll thumb

Five games that aren’t real or possible, but would be great to see in 2012 anyway.

Arkham City’s ‘Batcave’ Challenge Map Drops Dec. 20

arkham city joker's carnival thumb

More places to punch guys. Hooray!

Patch Coming to Fix PC Batman: Arkham City’s DX11 Issues

arkham city penguin thumb

You can bump the game down to DX9 to make it work in the meantime.

OnLive Says Batman: Arkham City Demo Breaks Records in U.S., UK

arkham city mr freeze thumb

But we don’t know what the record was or what the new record is or what the OnLive context is for “a lot” of players.

Steam Says Batman: Arkham City Hits PC on Nov. 22 [UPDATED}

arkham city joker thumb

Your seemingly unnecessary PC port delay is detailed.

20 Awesome Video-Game Themed Pumpkins


Check out this hoard of Horde gourds.

Batman: Arkham City Review — The Dark Knight Repeats


Holy boa constrictors, Batman!

Batman: Arkham City Sees Massive Sales [Shipped Units], Lets 4.6 Million Players Put Henchmen in Comas [UPDATED]

arkham city catwoman thumb

Not saying this Catwoman photo is the reason for the high sales. Nope, not suggesting that at all.

nVidia Releases GeForce Drivers for Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City, RAGE

battlefield 3 2 thumb

Download these immediately.

The Missing Catwoman Code Didn’t Affect Very Many Arkham City Players


But there’s a fix anyway. Meow!

Batman: Arkham City May Be Mark Hamill’s Last Turn as The Joker

arkham city joker thumb

Or it might not. We know your tricks, Hamill.

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