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Was Your Copy Of Batman: Arkham City Missing The Catwoman Codes?


If so, you are probably bat out of luck.

GameStop Dishing Out Catwoman Codes with Arkham City Used Sales

catwoman thumb

This time GameStop uses free codes for good, rather than evil.

It’s Batman: Arkham City’s Launch Trailer!

arkham city thumb

It’s as cool as you think it will be.

Batman: Arkham City: When Marketing is Ruining Your Game

arkham city penguin thumb

Because dammit.

Joker’s Not the Big Bad in Arkham City, but He’s Still a Pretty Big Deal (TRAILER)

arkham city joker thumb

He’s all diseased-looking and stuff.

How to Make a Collector’s Edition People Care About


Four words: Call of Duty Condoms.

Batman Gets Easily Distracted By Collectibles (PIC)



Batman: Arkham City “New Game Plus” Mode Details


Thugs will be more “cunning,” numerous.

Batman: Arkham City Guide — Everything We Know So Far


If this were any more complete, it’d list the places in Arkham City where you can get inexpensive Thai.

Mr. Freeze Has Demands in Batman: Arkham City (TRAILER)

arkham city mr freeze thumb

Sounds like you have to help him with that whole “My cryogenically frozen wife will die if we unthaw her” situation.

5 Awesome PC Games Still Coming Out in 2011


Gentlemen, start your heatsink cooling fans.

Arkham City Batman Skins Revealed


Da-na na-na na-na na-na, da-na na-na na-na na-na Costumes!

Arkham City Dev Promises Sharp Visuals on Consoles


Judging by the Batmobile, I’d peg Bruce Wayne as a PS3 owner.

Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Will Be Statuesque (UPDATED WITH PHOTO)


Just living for the City.

Batman: Arkham City Collector’s Edition Will Run You $99

arkham city thumb

Seriously, what bonuses could be worth a $100 total price tag?

Riddler Revealed in New Arkham City Trailer


Somewhere, Jim Carrey grins toothily.

Catwoman’s Outfit is Predictably Skin-Tight in Arkham City (TRAILER)

arkham city catwoman thumb

Maximum digital sexiness.

No Co-Op and No Multiplayer for Batman: Arkham City

arkham city thumb

Go ahead and rejoice, multiplayer haters.

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