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Saints Row IV Preview: Parody Or Exaggeration?


It’s as ridiculous as you expected.

There Are Modding Tools For Saints Row: The Third


Step to it, modders.

E3 2011 – Four Franchises That Could Be Redeemed by Sequels

prey 1 actually thumb

We got a look at a few sequels that are very promising despite the games that came before them.

Borderlands, Crysis, and More on Steam's Perils of Summer Sale Today

As you’re no doubt aware, Steam has some high-powered sales going right now. They’re calling it the “Perils of Summer”…

Analyst Calls Saints Row 2 Trailer “Pompous”

Conjuring up images of a man with a monocle (for Jonathan, at least), Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey has criticized…