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Saints Row: The Third Achievements


Keep your pimp hand strong.

Saints Row: The Third Trophies


Pimp out your life with a Platinum trophy.

Saints Row: The Third Cheats


Third time’s the charm.

Volition: The PC Version of Saints Row: The Third Is Not a Port

saints row deckers

So maybe it won’t suck donkey balls.

Saints Row 3 PC System Requirements Announced


If you’ve got enough hardware muscle, you can join the Saints on your PC.

Origin to Offer Non-EA Games Soon


Finally, it becomes worth a damn.

Saints Row: The Third – Initiation Station Beta Trailer


Get started creating your character now!

Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memory #3


True story about how I once worked as a professional hot dog suit guy inside!

Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories #2: Super Ethical Reality Climax


Obviously this is kind of a murder party and everyone is invited.

Saints Row: The Third – Cherished Memories Trailer


It goes without saying this is going to have a lot of violence.

Saints Row: The Third Goes Virtual Virtual In This Trailer

saints row deckers

We meet a new gang: the Deckers.

2011 Fall AAA Games Preview


There are a lot of games.

Why Civillians Can’t Be Killed In Battlefield 3


There’s a very good reason for this.

Saints Row: The Third – Killbane and the Luchadores Trailer (Video)


Stuff blows up but good in this one.

THQ Closing Two Studios, Laying Off 200

thq logo thumb

The company is tightening its focus and unloading licensed games.

The Saints Row: The Third Syndication Trailer Just Sold Me On the Game

saints row

I mean wow.

Saints Row: The Third Features Voice Acting From Sasha Grey, Hulk Hogan


I wonder what they talked about between takes.

Female Gamers Prefer Gaming to Sex – WHAT? (LINKS)


Today’s links let you know that maybe it’s not the best idea to get your woman into gaming.

Saints Row: The Third Gets a ‘Spensive Platinum Pack

saints rown platinum

$99 worth of platinum.

Saints Row: The Third Professor Genki’s Pre-order Pack Trailer

saints row genki

Fake Japanese Japan-ness.

E3 2011 – Four Franchises That Could Be Redeemed by Sequels

prey 1 actually thumb

We got a look at a few sequels that are very promising despite the games that came before them.

8 New Saints Row: The Third Screenshots


Saints Row: The Third is a game I think many of us are looking forward to if only to see…

THQ’s Brian Farrell: Saints Row 3 Will Make Up For Lack Of GTA V


And he’s probably right.

Saint’s Row: The Third “Gameplay” Trailer


A new “gameplay” trailer, kind of.

Volition Values the PC Versions of Its Games


Y’all PC gamers are no longer getting the shaft from them, I guess.

Saints Row: The Third Coming This Year


THQ has confirmed what we all suspected – a new Saints Row is on the way.

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