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Game Front Podcast #7 – Horror Games, GTA Sales, Next-Gen Graphics

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Happy Halloween! Time for some talk about our favorite horror games, plus Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and the Xbox One versus Playstation 4.

Konami Won’t Be Patching Silent Hill HD on Xbox 360

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It’s buggy and it’s going to stay buggy. Opt for the PS3 version if you must.

5 Crazy Difficult and Intricate Video Game Puzzles

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In honor of Fez and its tougher puzzles, we’ve run down five of gaming’s worst brain-benders.

Silent Hill 2 HD Video Walkthrough


Return to your Special Place with James as your video guide.

March is Silent Hill Month — Downpour, Book of Memories Release Dates Inside!


As if March could ever be anything else.

Silent Hill: Downpour Interview with Producer Tomm Hulett


We held him up at gunpoint and made him tell us everything he knows!

Silent Hill For PS Vita Is Isometric (SCREENSHOTS)

SH BOM Cinematic_Howard_01

Is this a surprise? I’m surprised.

Comment of the Week: Silent Hill Is Like Sex, But In the Worst Way Possible


This will blow your mind.