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False Advertising in Video Games – Aliens, SimCity and Your Wallet


This article will tell you all about the secret ways to legally get any game you want for free. ‚ĶOkay,…

GameFront Heads to PAX East 2014 – Come See Our Panels!


PAX East 2014 kicks off this Friday, and Team GameFront will be at the show! Tomorrow, Team GameFront is headed…

SimCity, Diablo 3 Updates Show How Players Can Change Games


With the shutdown of the Diablo 3 Auction House and the launch of Sim City’s offline mode both coming today,…

Valve’s Track Record of Trust Earns Player Forgiveness

valve logo head big jpg

Players offer Valve a lot of forgiveness and leeway, and that’s because Valve has, and continues to, earn players’ trust.

EA’s Battlefield 4 Spin, Excuses Won’t Help Future Games

battlefield 4 1 thumb

Electronic Arts and its executives are no strangers to damage control when it comes to the launch of Battlefield 4,…

Electronic Arts’ SimCity Mods Policy: Ingrateful Basterds


When it was first announced, I was happy to look on the bright side of Electronic Arts’ and Maxis’ “shocking”…

Game Front Podcast #17: Double Fine, Net Neutrality & SimCity


Another Friday means another episode of the Game Front podcast! On this week’s installment, we first explain our shiny new…

Offline Play, Mods Coming to SimCity (But Read the Fine Print)


“Great news! We’re finally adding a feature that should have shipped with the game we launched almost a year ago!”…

Welcome To The New Age: 2013′s Biggest Disappointments


This piece is a collaboration between Phil Hornshaw and Ross Lincoln. God, 2013, what happened? We started the year with…

Explore the Cities of Tomorrow in SimCity


It’s not quite the robots and flying cars of The Jetsons, but the future is coming to SimCity. The Cities…

SimCity Update 7 Lets You Raise Bridges, Dig Tunnels


The update offers more versatility for building roads.

SimCity’s Launch Woes Inspired The Sims 4 to be Playable Offline


EA is learning from its mistakes.

SimCity’s Ocean Quigley Leaves EA, Disappointed By Game’s Launch


SimCity director Ocean Quigley has left EA Maxis, expressing disappointment at the game’s launch.

Leaked SimCity Survey Points at Larger Cities, Terraforming


Bigger cities, terraforming, skyscrapers, and more.

Upcoming SimCity Update Improves Multiplayer and Multi-city Play


SimCity’s upcoming update will bring some much needed improvements to the game.

EA ‘Can Do Better,’ Starting With Peter Moore’s Letter

ea is evil again thumb

EA might not really be the worst company in America, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore how it keeps treating customers badly.

SimCity Gets Its First DLC: A Nissan-Branded Vehicle Station


If you were hoping for something better, you’re going to be a little disappointed.

Maxis Reveals Plans For SimCity 2.0 Update


Maxis has revealed what they plan to do with SimCity in its upcoming 2.0 update.

The Ultimate EA Retrospective: In-Depth on Riccitiello’s Legacy


John Riccitiello took over as EA CEO in 2008. In 2013, the company had changed drastically, and Riccitiello was out. Here’s everything that happened in between.

Maxis Explains SimCity’s Transportation Systems


Maxis explains how the game’s assortment of transportation systems function.

SimCity 1.8 Update Resolves Road Rage


Road-related issues have been fixed.

SimCity Traffic Woes Addressed In Latest Update


There’s still going to be traffic jams, but they won’t be caused by bad pathing.

Who Will Be Electronic Arts’ New CEO? Here Are Some Options

ea_logo thumb

With EA’s top job opening up, we look through its potential new leadership.

Peter Moore Defends John Riccitiello’s Legacy Against Critics


EA COO Peter Moore has taken to defending John Riccitiello and his legacy at EA.

EA CEO John Riccitiello Steps Down


John Riccitiello is no longer the CEO of EA.

SimCity Hack Lets You Rampage Through Others’ Cities


It’s not permanent, so it’s okay.

SimCity Update Re-Enables Social Features and Cheetah Mode


The latest patch for SimCity sees the return of many disabled features.

Maxis “Comes Clean” With Statement About Always-Online Requirement


Is a man not entitled to the offline mode of his game? No, says the developer at Maxis. It belongs to the cloud.

SimCity Traffic Congestion Fixes Coming Soon


An update to fix the game’s traffic congestion will be released soon.

SimCity Mass Transit Fixes Coming Soon


Agents will be improved. Count on it.

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