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SimCity Doesn’t Need Servers Says Maxis Insider


In all the hubbub surrounding the problem-ridden SimCity launch, many players requested that EA produce an offline mode for the…

SimCity Update Improves Server Response Times by 40x


A server-side update for SimCity improves performance and is capable of taking double the load.

SimCity’s Always Online Mode Is Only Necessary For DRM


SimCity may not necessarily need its servers to handle anything beyond DRM and social features.

SimCity Patch 1.3 Fixes Crash Issues, Improves Performance


A new patch for SimCity solves some of the game’s issues.

Tropico 4 Steam Sale Takes Advantage of SimCity Downtime


Tropico 4 goes on sale amidst SimCity problems.

Maxis: Having Too Few SimCity Servers ‘Dumb’, Offers Free Game

simcity disaster thumb

You get a free game for having bought one that doesn’t work. Yay.

EA Will Offer Free Game To Appease SimCity Players


EA will offer a free game to early adopters of SimCity.

EA Will Not Remove SimCity’s Always Online Requirement


EA has no plans to add an offline mode for SimCity.

SimCity 2000 Special Edition Still $5.99 on GOG


Jus’ sayin’.

EA Runs Damage Control For SimCity


The company attempts to put a spin on the server problems.

SimCity Available Through Amazon Again, But With a Warning

sim-city1_large thumb

You can buy it, but you probably shouldn’t.

EA Won’t Ban Origin Accounts for SimCity Bank Disputes

simcity thumb

The threat of retribution for trying to force a refund has been lifted, it seems.

EA Suspends Online Marketing Campaign for SimCity


EA is suspending marketing for SimCity pending further notice.

SimCity Players Petition EA To Remove Always-Online DRM


Forced ultrasounds are wrong! Also fix SimCity!

EA Probably Won’t Refund You for SimCity

simcity thumb

Don’t expect to get your money back.

Amazon Pulls SimCity From Store As Server Issues Persist

simcity big thumb

It seems server issues are causing serious fan dissatisfaction, so Amazon is no longer selling SimCity.

SimCity Patch Disables Features: Cheetah Speed and Achievements


Several of SimCity’s key social features have been disabled.

SimCity Quick Fix For “Checking For Updates” Error


Here’s the solution to all your “Checking For Update” errors.

SimCity Servers Go Offline, Even The Error Message Is Bugged


As SimCity’s servers go offline for unscheduled maintenance, even the announcement is bugged.

SimCity 2013: How to Unlock All Disasters


Rain misfortune upon your utopia. Unlock every disaster in SimCity.

SimCity 2013: Cheat Codes


Cheat codes live on the PC.

Where Is GameFront’s SimCity Review?


Short answer: It’s coming soon, but not too soon.

SimCity City Size Limitations Will Be Lifted Later


Cities in SimCity aren’t as large as they could be.

SimCity 2013 Guide


Create the city of your dreams with our taxation tips and fiscal strategies.

SimCity 2013 Cheats


No need to cut corners. We’ve got all the extra tips, guides, and secrets you’ll need for SimCity.

SimCity To Offer Sandbox Mode For Freeform Creativity


You’ll have godlike powers at your fingertips in SimCity’s sandbox mode.

EA Revokes SimCity Beta Ban Clause for Not Reporting Bugs



SimCity Beta Terms of Service Suggest Exploiters Will Have Origin Accounts Banned


If you exploit a bug in SimCity’s beta, you will be banned for failing to report it.

SimCity Color Filters And Tilt-Shift Camera Controls Revealed


You’ll be able to experience SimCity through a vintage lens.

SimCity Beta Video Leaked, Watch It While You Can


Video may be taken down at any moment.

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