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SimCity 2000 Special Edition Free on Origin

SimCity 2000

SimCity fans can now get their hands on the classic SimCity 2000 Special Edition free of charge. The free game…

SimCity Mod Expands City Sizes


A new mod for SimCity has expanded the size of the game’s cities. The mod, dubbed Project Orion by its…

False Advertising in Video Games – Aliens, SimCity and Your Wallet


This article will tell you all about the secret ways to legally get any game you want for free. …Okay,…

SimCity Offline Update Releasing Today


SimCity will be updated with offline play today. According to Maxis, the update will come via the Update 10 patch…

SimCity Offline Play Patch Enters “Final Testing”


SimCity’s Update 10 is entering its final development stages. The status report came today via a posting on the official…

The SimCity Reversal: Is Our EA Learning?


Electronic Arts and Maxis’ reversal of SimCity’s always-online requirement could indicate more games companies are learning to listen to customers.

This is How Maxis Is Taking SimCity Offline


The ever-notable SimCity caused quite a ruckus last year by carrying a persistent online requirement, with the connection not even…

4 Ways To Make Gaming Better in 2014 and Beyond


I could talk all day about how 2013 was kinda underwhelming for a year with two console launches, but as…

New SimCity Cities of Tomorrow Trailer Showcases Future Tech


No, no offline mode or larger maps.

Explore the Cities of Tomorrow in SimCity


It’s not quite the robots and flying cars of The Jetsons, but the future is coming to SimCity. The Cities…

Upcoming SimCity Update Improves Multiplayer and Multi-city Play


SimCity’s upcoming update will bring some much needed improvements to the game.

EA: DRM Is A Failed Dead-End Strategy


Glad you can accept that.

American McGee on SimCity Launch: “People Need to Relax”


Do you agree?

EA’s Stock & Stumbles At-a-Glance: Riccitiello Years (GRAPHIC)


The rise and fall of EA’s stock.

SimCity Honest Box Art


This text is unavailable.

SimCity Catches Herman Cain Fever With $9.99 Price


And you’ll probably end up better at government stuff than he ever will!